Leicester’s Carpet Factory Shop Re-opening

Carpet Factory Shop re-opening – Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s Carpet Factory Shop re-opening is just around the corner.

Leicester carpet & flooring

The number one carpet shop in Leicester, has revamped Leicester’s carpet factory shop area. Dalkard & Elliott. The new area is full of quality and value for money.

Carpet shop Leicester

A fantastic selection of quality wool, wool/nylon and man-made fibre carpets in great colours are available in all room sizes. From chocolate to creamy white, there will be a colour for you! carpets in all colours in the carpet factory shop

The range of sale pieces are made in wool, 80% wool/20% nyon and man-made fibres.
The wool and wool/nylon carpets are all at £ 19.99m2 (normal retail £ 30-£45 m2)
Man-made carpets are between £9 and 16m2 (normal retail £ 25-£ 40 m2)

The prices are less than the actual costs of the carpets, so a real bargain is right on hand. Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet factory shop is unique in Leicester. No where else offers you these qualities of product at such great prices. Carpet shops like Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are few and far between and Brockway carpets are one of the great carpet manufacturers that make available their roll ends for Dalkard & Elliott to purchase. Brockway carpets manufacture high quality wool products. The range is available in twist pile carpets, loop pile carpets and smoother, more velvety finishes.

Twist pile carpets, give you a textured and tougher finish to a carpet. Carpet shop’s like Dalkard & Elliott will show you the benefits of every style all the carpets made. It ensures that you get the right carpet for you. Loop pile carpets give a different texture to twist pile carpet. Twist carpets have an open pile which is densely woven. In contrast, a loop pile carpet has a ‘nobbly’ look. Fine Boucle style to rustic, heavy loops. Velvet pile carpets are lovely and smooth. In plain colours, a velvet is very gentle and pleasing to look at. Shading characteristics are very prevalent, these are very much like marmite. Definitely, love or hate!

Leicester’s Carpet Factory Shop Re-opening

velvet carpets in the carpet factory shopSo, love the look and you will have a high-quality carpet designed to last you many years. Velvets are in the upper price range of carpeting. Dalkard & Elliott’s Leicester carpet shop has all of the styles on display and every main carpet manufacturer represented. The carpet factory shop takes advantage of Dalkard & Elliott’s trading arrangements with these manufacturers, to deliver you high quality at drastically reduced prices.

There is a full fitting service available, or, you can take your carpets away with you. If you are fitting the carpet yourself and need underlay, gripper, door bars etc. Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet shop can make sure that you have everything that you need. Steve and Stuart Elliott run Dalkard &Elliott’s Leicester carpet shop, a family business that was started back in 1963. Service, choice, friendly and personal advice plus an enviable reputation, make Dalkard & Elliott Leicester the first choice for carpets, curtains, beds and blinds.

To help buy your carpet, you have over 150 years of combined experience to call upon

Please feel very free to ask about anything that you need to know. Stain-guarding your new wool carpet is a great advantage if you have younger children or elderly relatives. Spillages of drink and food are easily removed, in most cases. Carpets made from Polypropylene, don’t need stain-guarding because they are incredibly stain resistant. Bleachable and tough.twist pile carpets in the carpet factory shop With stain-guard your wool carpet makes a huge difference when coming to an awkward spillage. It gives you the ability to remove a multitude of things which can leave a mark on your carpet.

The cost is just £2.50 m2. Please ask for more detail.

Value for money means lots of different things to us all. True value for money comes when you can have quality at amazing prices. The carpets in the factory shop are just that. Fancy something special for the bedroom, or amazing value for the lounge or for your stairs? Dalkard & Elliott carpet, curtains, beds and flooring have the lot.

Dalkard & Elliott’s Leicester carpet shop, offers you this beautifully. In lovely showrooms, with free customer parking, right outside of the doors.

They look forward to being of service.

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott


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