Carpet fibre

There are many different carpet types and it is important to understand the differences between the carpets fibre and their construction so that your new flooring will meet your expectations.

As with every product made in today’s economy, the qualities of carpets vary immensely. so how do you get the right carpets for you?

Here are handy tips to help to buy you your new carpet!



You will have a good idea of the spend you would like to make on your new carpet, which is great. To make sure you can stay in and around your carpets budget, take the rough sizes of the area(s) you want to out new carpeting into.

Room sizes

With sizes and an idea of the budget, you can quickly find out what the cost of the carpet wants to be. Your figure will also need to account for the carpets underlay, the gripper, the fitting of the carpet and the door bars.


There might also be a little extra cost involved, to uplift and dispose of your existing carpets and perhaps in helping you to move your furniture.

To break this down into sections, lets look at the individual bits:


Carpet gripper: this is used to help fit the carpet properly and to obtain a neat and uniform finish to the edges of your room. the £ ‘s cost for them is little, but carpet gripper makes a massive difference to the finish

Door Bars: There is now a very healthy selection of carpeting bars to fit at your doorways. They can be metal or wood and in lots of beautiful finishes. Of course, you can still have the standard aluminium or brass effect door bars, which help to make the overall price range of the carpeting strips range from £ 7.99 to £ 80.00 pert door.


A carpet underlay is really important, so make sure that you buy the right one for the carpets quality and for what you need to enjoy.

Prices of underlay vary just as much as their qualities. Prices of the carpets underlay range from £ 4.99m2 to £ 12.50m2.

Within that range, there are carpet underlays which will be cost effective for spare bedrooms, brilliant for insulating cold and noisy sub-floors.

There are carpeting underlays which are designed to work perfectly with you under-floor heating

Buying a soft and luxurious underlay has become the norm today and there are some awesome carpet underlays for you to enjoy.

You can try them all and get the right carpet underlay for you! Just ask.


As important as everything that you have read so far is, this is the bit you will concentrate most on.

Carpet finish

Saxony carpets

soft saxony
soft and beautiful carpet

Soft plush Saxony carpets are the biggest selling selection of carpeting finishes in the UK as I type. They look and feel beautiful and amazing. They do shade, so this is the carpets finish for you if you like footmarks and hoover marks to show!

We have the very best of them, if these are the carpets for you, ask us about the wearing characteristics so that you can absolutely sure that the carpets you pick will meet your expectations. You can pick this type of carpet for all the rooms in your home.

Twist Piles

twist pile
sparking colours and very trendy shade that you could wish for!

Twist piles are the next best selling carpets and the range is huge, equally as much choice as any other style of carpets. Twist pile carpets are slightly rougher than the soft carpets but they are also more rugged and hard wearing carpet finish. They are a good carpets to consider for the whole house.

Loop piled carpet

Loop piled carpet is a more rustic carpet, with texture, toughness and a very different look to the other plain carpets looked at so far. If you fall in love with this carpets finish, let us explain the wearing characteristics so that you know exactly how to look after it.

Velvet carpets

Velvet carpets is gorgeously smooth, delicate and opulent in it’s look. This is another carpet for you if you like shading in the pile of the carpets to be obvious. I love shading but when carpets shade it is like Marmite, you will love it or hate it!

Pattern carpets

patterned carpet

Patterned carpets, it is true to say that patterned carpeting is not as popular as it was, but with stripped carpets bringing back colour and pattern, tartans are becoming increasingly popular. Both carpet styles look fabulous on stairs and landings, so check them out!

Natural fibres

Natural Fibres like coir, seagrass and in particular sisal, have made statement flooring in many homes. They are tough carpets, that hard on your feet but they look fab. There are definitely issues with putting them everywhere in a home but take a look. If they are the carpets for you, you will love the individuality.

Colour in your carpets

Whatever you fancy, need or want is available. Carpet collections are better than ever and we do have the best of the best. Call in, touch and feel and experience them all!

Cost of your carpet

The cost of your carpets can be as much or as little as you want it to be. Our prices are from £ 190 m2 – £ 7.99 m2. A huge price range for carpets I know. However, it does mean that whatever you want to spend, look at and feel in your new carpet, you will be able to select it with us.

Fitting of your carpets

The fitting of your carpet needs to be done by fully trained and qualified fitters. You will enjoy having your carpets fitted by us and by fully trained fitters who care about the the finish and your home.

What is next?

If you are wondering what is next, all you need to do is pick up the telephone and ring us, or call in to see us in the best showrooms. There is free customer parking, right out side of the shop and in our large car park at the side of our showrooms. Receive great service and advice, along with a smile plus a tea or a coffee, if you fancy!

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