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This blog was created 18 months ago and as I re-read it, I am made aware of all the changes, in carpet,that have happened over that time.

The  trending colour in carpet, is grey/beige, However these soft and subtle shades, have more about them, in terms of hints of colour.

Soft styled carpets are the most popular selling flooring, followed quickly by twist piles.

The softer, luxury style carpets have brought a new dimension to carpet and flooring.

They bring beautiful looks and a very sumptuous feeling to every room.

With the introduction of an extra bit of colour,  new, very soft green and blue shades are finding their way into ranges.

At Leicester’s number 1 carpet shop, the best choice of all the new carpet, is on display.

You will always be welcomed with a smile and a first class friendly service, which Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, are renowned for.

Please read on for great information…….

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester monitor the sales of all the flooring supplied and fitted that they fit in Leicestershire. Seeing the movement and popularity in m2 of carpet sold helps to keep their display relevant. Changes to the range of carpets and flooring are made to keep pace with the desires in colour and style.


The most popular colour is ‘greige’ and there are some stunning shades to pick from. Greige carpet is as popular in Leicester as it is across the country.

ColoursThe subtleties of the shades are many. The bestselling versions are the ‘stone’ based tones. Carpets made in these, no matter the texture, are incredibly versatile. They have become a tasty classic of our time.

Plain carpets in Leicester and the rest of the UK have the biggest portion of the market and they are available in different textures.


Saxony carpet

Soft Saxony’s styled carpets have a gorgeously soft texture. Not only are they great to touch, they are extremely comfortable under foot. They shade beautifully and look plush. When carpets are fitted with a soft underlay they feel amazing to walk on. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s bestselling soft carpet underlay, Charleston, accentuates every bit of the luxury in these floorings.

The shading characteristics of these carpets are something that the people of Leicester seem to love. However, shading in a carpet is not for everyone! I love to see foot marks and hoover marks in a carpet. I associate the look with high quality products and I love it.

Saxony carpets vary in cost from just under £ 10 m2 all the way up to £100 m2. The clear majority of Leicester carpet customers buy somewhere between £ 20 and £ 37 m2 in man-made fibres

There are those though who do not consider it nice to see. If you agree, then a plain twist piled carpet, or a loop piled carpet will do you very well indeed.

Twist pile

bell twist

Twist pile carpets are just as popular as Saxony’s. They are not as luxurious to touch and feel with your fingers. However, they still feel great underfoot.  The look maybe a little tougher because the pile is shorter, but it will improve wear ability for you in a well-used area.

Twist pile carpets will flatten less than the softer style of a Saxony carpet. When carpets are made of wool and nylon, that fact becomes even more true. For some ideas on how to select your lounge carpet, have a look at this page

Twist pile carpets range in price from £ 9.99m2 (man-made) up to £60.00 m2 (wool/nylon mixes) The average prices in man-made fibres is between £20 and £24 m2. In wool/nylon £25-£45 m2

Plain carpet is often changed for the way it looks and not because it is worn out. So, when a carpet is looking tired after some years of wear, you may consider changing it.

The older and much less popular style of patterned carpet may have lost its way in today’s market. However, it would be almost thread-bear before you noticed it was wearing out. Patterned carpet, in wool especially, comes with a premium on price. Quality patterned carpet will cost you anywhere between £ 40 and £110.00 per square metre.


There are man-made versions of patterned carpet which you will find between £18 and £40 per metre square. They are a lot cheaper to buy but they do suffer flattening. So, it is important to select one with a heavy pattern to help disguise that issue.

Loop pile

pure wool loop pile

Loop pile carpets, sometimes referred to as berber loops, are the third most popular plain style of carpet. They offer you texture and a very different feel underfoot. (that can be cheated with a softer underlay though). The range of colour in them is very trend driven. You will struggle to find anything outside of beige, greige and grey but they are lovely. Very good with any wood or brick in a room. The loop carpets always help to bring out texture in other thigs. That also includes fabrics.

Loop styled carpets range in price from £ 9m2 to £ 150 plus per square metre. The bulk of the choice is between £ 24 and £42.00 per sqm.

Carpet Leicester is Dalkard & Elliott

Customers buying carpets in Leicester love Dalkard & Elliott. Now that they are opening their very impressive bed department, you can sleep easy with that thought too.

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