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Carpet shops are abundant in many areas of the UK, so what makes the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly!?

It is being an established carpet specialist that makes the largest difference between them all. Anyone can sell you a new carpet, however, making absolutely sure that you buy what you need and enjoy a carpet that meets your expectations, requires knowledge, experience and desire.

So our advice is for you to search out a company with a great reputation, forged over years of good service and a carpet shop that looks after you, from start to finish.

And hopefully that is exactly why you are on our site, reading this article!

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No1 carpet shop

Carpet specialists Leicester is a well searched term and if Google have been kind to us, you will have found our name close to the top of page 1. Dalkard & Elliott have been Leicester’s No1 carpet specialists since 1963.


Every member of staff in the shop has at least 25 years of experience. Tim, Stuart and Steve have a combined 114 years knowledge of carpets between them. This is an amazing and very important piece of information.

Carpet Product, Display and Customer Service

All these years of carpet experience and carpet knowledge make absolutely sure that you get the right flooring for you and your home. I don’t think that it matters how long you want the carpet for. What you do need is a new carpet that does exactly what you need it to, over the time you need it to last.

Carpet shops like Dalkard & Elliott are different. Being a carpet specialist, you would expect to find the very best carpet on display and you will. We are proudly British and the UK still leads the way in carpet manufacture. We are proud to let you know that our super display contains 95% British made carpet.

There are many carpets made in Europe and the best of those are on display in our carpet showroom on Aylestone Lane. As with all the carpets produced all over the world, there are good and bad ones to see. In our showrooms, you will be pleased to find the best of the best carpet manufacturers.

We know that this is important. The relationship between the carpet specialist and the manufacturers that they support has to be excellent. As a customer, you want to be assured and feel confident should any problem arise. Great carpet manufacturers and carpet specialist value their approach to customer service as an incredibly important part of their work.

We are very pleased to say that our reputation for customer service is second to none.

Carpet Specialists and Carpet Choice

There is a reasonable amount of information that we need to give you. In return we need to know what it is that you need your new carpets to achieve. See some the important bits here h

Carpet Specialist Carpet Underlays

How much difference does a good underlay make to your new carpets? A lot is a very simple answer. When you look at this bit of your purchase, we will help you buy the right carpet underlay for your room. Your sub-floor and you. Good underlays will buy you all the performance that you need from your carpet. It will also be the right underlay for your insulation needs if any. As the leading carpet specialist in Leicester and Leicestershire, we will make sure that you have the correct underlay. With the best feel and best performance for your needs and wants.

Carpet Fitting

Every carpet shop seems to have the best carpet fitters! So how can you tell which carpet specialist will have the standards that you desire? Check them out. Have a look at the carpet specialists testimonials and ratings. However, to be absolutely sure, ask your friends and neighbours. We are very proud of our reputation and we make sure that we maintain it. I am sure that you will know people that have used us and that still do. A huge amount of our work comes from our returning customers and the family and friends that they recommend to us.

Carpet shops Measuring and Planning

Experience in measuring and planning in carpets is essential. You need a wealth of knowledge to consider all the aspects of carpet installation. We have a wealth of these ingredients, so don’t’ be shy in asking us to call out and to carry out an on-site survey. We can assess all of your needs at the same time as looking for all the little things which make such big differences when you carpet is laid.

Carpet Delivery and Installation

As soon as you have chosen your carpets and had your rooms measured and looked at with a view to the fitting, it will be time to arrange the carpet fitting date. We can do this as far in advance as you need us to, or we can fit the carpet as soon as it is available. We have a dedicated department to do this for you and Mike will liaise with you to make sure that all goes to plan and as smoothly as possible.

arpet shops: On the day of fitting

On the day of fitting you will know roughly what time of day the fitters will be calling to fit the carpet and how long that they will be there for. Our fitters are first class and fully trained in every aspect of carpet fitting. Just as importantly, they are nice people to have around and in your home. Your carpet will be beautifully fitted, hoovered down and ready to use. All the rubbish will be taken away and you be left in the perfect place to enjoy your new carpet.

After Sales

Carpet shops seem to have mixed reviews for after care. However, Dalkard & Elliott have the best. A carpet specialist needs to back up every part of their work and to guarantee that you will be happy with your carpet. To do this the carpet manufacturers need to be great ones and fully accountable when needed. You can sleep in peace knowing that as the Number 1 carpet specialist in Leicestershire, we have the complete backing of all our manufacturers.

Returning customers

We want everyone that comes into our carpet showroom to come back, time and time again. We promise to look after you well and for you to be able to enjoy buying your new carpets, every time. We are very proud of what we do and in what we achieve. It gives us the best job satisfaction to see you smile as you pay for your new carpet and to see you coming back through the door for more!

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