Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate

Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate

Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate

What do you fancy as a finish to your room and what type of carpet, LVT or Laminate will meet your expectations?

Carpets, LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and Laminate are all very different floorings and will achieve different things.

Carpets are warm, soft underfoot and to the touch. If you room is a cool one, a carpet with an insulating underlay will help put back some coziness. As well as, add snuggleability into your surroundings.

The underlay you select is so important. You can select an underlay that will go beneath your carpets to add softness with bounce back ability. Have a firmer feel to your carpets by using one that doesn’t allow really deep indentations. Firmer underlays are also really good when you need your carpet to perform well when a castor chair is used. In fact a carpet of the right quality when fully stuck to the top of an underlay like this is perfect for any office or study location.

Underlay can also protect you from heat loss in a room where you have cold sub-floors. With a high tog underlay fitted to your room and a high tog carpet fitted on top of it you will be amazed how much warmer things can be. The best underlays made to provide better insulating properties are not the soft underlays mentioned above. They add a slightly firmer feel to your carpets and they work really well.

If you have underfloor heating there are some rules to follow if you want to make the best of your heating with a nice carpet fitted on top of it. Your heating engineer will have explained that you must achieve a combined tog rating of no more than 2.5 with your carpets and underlay. Most carpet manufacturers are up to speed in recognising how important this is and will provide the tog ratings for all their carpets. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester supply the best and lowest tog rated underlay in that is fitted under carpets, so achieving your goal in this instance is nice and easy!

Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate – Dalkard & Elliott

Colour in carpets, styles and textures are in abundance. If you want to be dramatic with colour on your floor then carpets will achieve exactly that. Arguably this effect is more easy to create with a carpet than any other type flooring.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are taking the hard floor market by storm. Dalkard & Elliott are premier suppliers of Moduleo Flooring, Project Flooring and Earthwerks. It is a very hardwearing flooring with amazing and authentic reproductions of wood and tiled effects. LVT is totally waterproof and therefore washable in any location you want to consider this finish for.

Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate

LVT is so much warmer than a laminate flooring. Laminate is designed to dissipate heat quickly, so bare feet get cold! LVT has distinct advantages to laminates in bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. In bathrooms, kitchens and utility areas, LVT will give a stunning look and is far more practical than any carpet. If you want a contemporary modern look which can be chic in so many ways you have to consider an LVT floor. Leicester is proud to boast Dalkard & Elliott as a specialist and the number one retailer of LVT flooring in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, with expert fitters who love the challenge of putting your new flooring together.

Whether its a rural setting that you live in or in a city have a look at Moduleo’s new collections of detailed floorings. They are amazing and they will turn your head!

Carpet vs LVT vs Laminate – Dalkard & Elliott

Laminate floors have been popular for many years and continue to impress. They are still a good option! With new collections and ideas being introduced I believe that they can begin to rival LVT floors in style and looks. They are tough floors! The disadvantage of laminate flooring against carpet is that it is cold. Also, it is a much noisier floor to live with. In comparision to an LVT flooring they are not quite so easy to look after. However a laminate floor can be a more affordable option depending on budget. They are definitely worth a look if a hard floor is going to work well for you. But always have a look at the LVT ranges. Moduleo, Project and Earthwerks have made a real dent in Laminate sales and you will see why!!

Wherever you live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland Dalkard & Elliott can offer you a solution. For your carpet, LVT or Laminate requirements. Great fitters will call and install your new flooring choice and the service that you will receive in the shop is second to none.

The shop is based right on the borders of Wigston, Knighton, Oadby, Glen Parva. It is within easy reach of any part of Leicester being situated just a few minutes drive from Leicester’s Fosse Park. In fact if the traffic is good its only just over 5 minutes.

Plus if you are considering putting up new curtains, having new cushions or blinds Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is a one stop shop. Made to measure curtains and Roman blinds are a real specialty here. We employ great makers! All of whom live in Leicester and Rutland and advice, service and a smile is always on hand!

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