Carpets in Grey

Grey carpets come in all the tones, that you can dream of.

There is always an ‘in’ colour and carpets in grey, are in!!

Carpets in grey at Dalkard & Elliott i the best you will find.


Style, choice and great service, are all there under one roof. buying your new carpets has never been as rewarding, or so much fun!

Every range of carpet has grey colours in them. There are lots of grey carpets with subtle hints of colour in them. So, if you have fabrics, furniture, or a favourite piece of art, that has the colour your want to work with or match, please bring it in. It will make choosing your new carpet, so much easier.

Quality – Carpets in Grey

Your home will be used in a different way to everyone else. Some areas will take heavier wear than others, however, there will be a carpet that suits you exact needs. Carpet prices, vary according to the wear and tear that you give your carpets, or to your expectations in terms of the years, that you want your flooring to last. So, you can buy on quality, colour, or price

Carpet can last you for 20 years, or if you fancy changing your more often, there are ranges of carpet, made to last the period of time that you want it to. If you have a sharp eye for colour, the cost of your carpet can be dictated by the shade of carpet that you need. Rest assured, that at Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, the number one carpet specialist in Leicestershire, you have the very best, of the very best to pick from.


When you have decided on your new carpet, the next item to decide on, is your underlay. Underlay is more important than most of us realise. It helps your new carpet wear better, flatten less and look good for the maximum amount of time. PU Underlay is fantastic and at Dalkard & Elliott carpet Leicester, you will find the best of all the underlays, always in stock. Putting a softy underlay, under your new carpet, makes the room feel amazing.

In addition, underfoot, the experience is amazing.

Prices of our carpet underlays very from £12.99 m2 to £4.99 m2

Fitting – Carpets in Grey

Fitting carpets correctly, makes every bit of difference. Dalkard & Elliott’s carpets and flooring are fitted by experts. Each fitter has over 25 years of experience behind them. So, see our testimonials and google reviews, they back up exactly how good they are.


Please don’t be put off by the thought of having to move all your furniture. Our fitters will move all your larger items of furniture, as needed. All we ask, is that you move the smaller items and breakables. However, if wardrobes need to be lifted, or moved, please empty them of clothes, so that we can carry out the hard work, for you.

So, just ask and we will be pleased to allow the time that will be needed and we can make sure that you have as little stress as possible!


Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet fitters, will of course, remove all the rubbish and if needed, we will dispose of your old carpets and underlay. There is a charge for tipping old carpet and underlay, which is all we look to for you to cover.

The finish

Once you new carpets have been laid and beautifully fitted. After the furniture has been put back, as required. Our fitters, will hoover your carpet and make the room ready to use.


Buying a carpet or new flooring from Dalkard & Elliott, Leicester is fun.

We promise to look after you, from start to finish.

We also have the best after sales service.

Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester are an award winning business and have been family owned and run for over 5 decades.

We would love to help you get the carpet, or flooring that you will love.

In addition

Dalkard & Elliott are very proud of all their product range.

So, if you are looking for carpets, made to measure curtains, or curtain fabrics, blinds, beds or vinyl flooring, please come and see us.

Thank you for reading!

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