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Saxony carpet by Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester

Carpets Leicester Dalkard & Elliott. Dalkard & Elliott provide simply the best range of carpets. Major brands include Brinton carpets, Brockway carpets, Cormar carpets, Crucial Trading Associated Weavers, Smart Choice carpets, Ulster Carpets. As well as, Victoria Carpets, Westex carpets and so many more.

There is even more choice in exclusive stock rolls of carpet, plus roll ends.

An amazing selection and choice

Our carpets are available in every colour, that you can dream of. In an abundance of texture and style. Probably the best choice available.

In addition the range of carpeting and flooring is certainly made for every room.

Our beautiful carpet and flooring collections will cover either home or your offices. Almost too much choice? Never!

Most importantly, whatever your budget, we also offer you endless choice of different priced, high-quality carpets and flooring for you to choose from.

Visit our showroom today.

There is over 150 years of combined knowledge and experience.

Steve, Stuart, Amanda, Neil, Mike and Tim will certainly help you find the right carpet  or flooring, for you.

At the right price and in the right style, to blend with your home.

Our honest and straightforward advice will ensure that you make the right choice for all your carpet, flooring, bed and curtain needs.

We’ll even match our carpets to your furnishings, helping to make every room look even more stunning.

The same first class advice and service is always yours. Because we care.

As a result customers come back time after time. Dalkard & Elliott are probably the most recommended family carpet business in the UK.

Leicester Carpet & Flooring – Carpets Leicester Dalkard & Elliott

What’s more, at Dalkard & Elliott, all of our carpets are fitted by fully trained carpet fitters who are all from Leicester.

  • We’ll help to move your furniture so you don’t have to
  • Your old carpet can be taken away & disposed of
  • We can take away your old bed
  • We can fit your curtains and tracks
  • We care

Carpets Leicester Dalkard & Elliott

Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester are one of only 50 retailers in the UK to be awarded a Brinton Carpets Sapphire™ dealership.

We’re also the recommended  retailers for Brockway Carpets, Smart Choice Carpets, Ulster Carpets, Telenzo Carpets, Furlong carpets and Jacaranda Carpets too.

We are rather proud to be Leicester’s No.1 Carpet, flooring, beds and curtain retailer

Different types of carpet – Carpets Leicester Dalkard & Elliott

Soft carpets

carpet leicester

Soft and luxurious carpet from Associated Weavers at Dalkard & Elliott

    • The market in carpets has moved a long way towards the ‘softies’, which perfectly describes a style which is certainly very popular.
    • Soft carpets are even more beautiful and delicate. They provide a stunning finish.
    • They feel luxurious and they look amazing.
    • If you select a carpet made like this, you are selecting a luxury carpet, that feels absolutely fantastic. It is a more delicate finish and as a result, in heavily used rooms, you will probably experience some flattening. This is the always the same, no matter whether the carpet fibre is made of wool, or of man-made fibres
    • For the best choice and advice come in and see us.
    • Prices range between £100.00m2 and £14.99m2
      beds Leicester

      Beautiful beds in Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott

    • Carpet underlay costs are going to be between £5m2, £8.00m2, £10.00m2 and £12.50m2
    • Fitting is only ever undertaken by professional and fully qualified fitters. All the work is fully guaranteed. Neil, who has fitted for us for almost 40 years, is very proud of our efforts to provide great service and real value for money.

Plain Carpets

  • Blend beautifully with almost every patterned curtain and furniture fabrics.
  • If you would like your room to feel larger, consider a paler coloured carpet. It will certainly make your room feel more spacious.
  • Stone grey/beige tones (‘griege’, as I like to call it!) are so incredibly popular. They work well with so many fabrics, they are almost timeless colours. Griege is available in every style of carpet, so you will have no shortage of choice. Promise!Lounge carpet ideas Carpets Leicester Dalkard & Elliott
  • There are of course lovely greens, warm yellowy tones, reds, blues, golds,  in fact every colour you can imagine!
  • You will find the best of the best choice in Dalkard & Elliott’s Leicester carpet shop.
  • Worried about carpet joins? Most plain carpets are now available up to 5m wide, so the majority of rooms can be fitted without seams.
  • Rooms over 5m? Then Dalkard & Elliott have the answer, if you want to avoid joins. They have carpet manufacturers, who will produce the carpet in the width you require. This is a bespoke method of manufacture, which takes between 6-8 weeks to produce your new carpet.
  • Prices of plain carpets vary from £190m2 all the way to £7.99m2
  • Underlay costs are £5.00m2, £8.00m2, £10.00 m2 and £12.50m2  so that you can pick the quality and price you prefer
  • Fitting is undertaken by the best fitters. Fully trained and all their work is fully guaranteed.

Patterned Carpets

  • As part of our amazing range of carpets, we also stock the best of the patterned manufacturers.  Brinton carpets and Ulster carpets are probably  the most popular brands and they have introduced some stunning patterned carpets, plus even more deliciously coloured plain ones. They also help to create stunning design schemes for all your rooms.
    patterned carpet

    Brinton carpet, beautiful and elegant

  • A majority of the choice in patterned carpets is available in wool/nylon mixes. There are also pure wool finishes, as well as man-made fibres.
  • Prices are between £95.00m2 to £24m2
  • Underlays are very important. Under a quality patterned carpet you will therefore need to look at underlay which will cost you between £8.00m2 and £12.50m2
  • Fitting a woven patterned carpet takes great skill. Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet fitters have every bit of expertise required. They can fit your carpet beautifully.

Textured Carpets

  • Carpets Leicester

    Dalkard & Elliott loop pile carpets

    Add real interest and a different style to your floor. Ideal for rooms which almost need ‘something extra’, not just a plain colour. Textures are well used in modern room settings, textured carpets also look superb when used in chic country homes. Textured carpet makes an ideal contrast to the smooth surface of crushed leather, and they help to bring out the design and texture of fabrics.

  • Mainly manufactured in wool, with a less little choice in man-made fibres too. While the costs of a wool textured loop pile average between £69m2 and £20m2, the Man-made fibres cost between £19.99m2 and £7.99m2
  • Underlay costs are between £5.00m2 and £12.50m2 depending on the room they are being fitted to and any specific requirements that you may have, like underlays with either heat and sound insulating properties.
  • Fitting, as always, is certainly first class
  • Beds Leicester

    Brilliant choice of beds

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