Carpets Leicestershire Since 1963

The history of Dalkard & Elliott carpets in Leicestershire

‘Carpets Leicestershire’ have been associated with Dalkard & Elliott, since way back in 1963. Kenneth William Elliott, had worked in Wolverhampton, for a company selling carpet and furniture. In 1961, Kenneth and his family moved to Leicester, to open and to manage a new branch.2 years later, Kenneth and his wife Nina, opened Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester in Unicorn House Granby Street, just down the road from the railway station. Carpets were in their blood and they soon created a reputation, for excellent, friendly service. Ken realised, that there is always a place for a great carpet company, who pride themselves, on delivering what they promise.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? But, when you think about it, how many companies actually do it!?

Reputation – Carpets Leicestershire

In the archives of Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, are volumes of books, with the letters of satisfaction, written by customers, from the very first year of trading, clients who had their new carpet or vinyl flooring fitted and were delighted.

Keeping with this tradition of service, friendliness, great product and care, makes sure that Dalkard & Elliott carpet & flooring Leicester, remain top of the tree.

New products and services – Carpets Leicestershire

As time has progressed, different products and services have been included. The same levels of care and service, apply to every carpet, flooring, bed, curtain, fitted and supplied.

The next step – Carpets Leicestershire

After 12 years of supplying and fitting carpet and flooring throughout Leicestershire, Ken and Nina realised that they had outgrown Unicorn House and needed larger premises. Fate took it’s hand and a shop premises went up for sale, diagonally opposite to their existing carpet shop. After some negotiations, Ken and Nina bought the shop and moved in, in the summer of 1975.

Prior to this point, Keith and Kevin Elliott, Ken and Nina’s older sons, were already working within the business. With the new move and the increase in business, Ken asked his 3rd eldest son, Steve, to join the business.

Three years later, Stuart, the youngest son, joined too. The team at Dalkard & Elliott made up the strongest carpet & flooring business in Leicester. Expertise was abundant and the will to please and to look after all their customers, was evident, every time you stepped into the shop. Exactly the same ethos, runs through the business today, which is now run by Steve and Stuart.

Check some of our customer testimonials, to see! 

The supply and fitting of carpet and flooring throughout Leicester, with this strong ethos, made Dalkard & Elliott the number one destination for many families, in Leicester.

New customers

Recommendation, provides a huge amount of business for Dalkard & Elliott and it is very rewarding business to get. It is always greatly appreciated, as it is when new family members, come in to buy.

It is often the 4th generation of a family, which is amazing!

Curtains Leicester

After 22 years, in 1985, Steve brought curtains into the shop. It was a logical move and they fit in beautifully, with the business. The opportunity to put schemes together, for customers, makes the services offered, even more exciting to do. Putting carpet and curtain fabrics together, making sure that they fit in with your lifestyle and likes, is a fantastic challenge.

Now, after over 30 years of making , supplying and fitting, made to measure curtains throughout Leicestershire and Rutland, their reputation is equally as good as their carpet one.

Time in Granby Street

However, determined not to stand still, in an ever changing market place, Steve and Stuart realised the need to take the shop out of Granby Street.


Customer parking, in Leicester has and always will be a challenge. It is either impossible to find a parking space, or, it is very costly, to park.

Steve, has always believed, that seeing samples of what you like, at home, is incredibly important, because it is the only way you can be sure of getting the right colours and textures, in carpet and curtain fabric.

Therefore, being able to park, right outside the shop, is very important.

You can walk straight out of the shop and comfortably get your samples to the car, without hassle, or charge.


Granby Street, in it’s best days, had great businesses and was a lovely shopping area. It really was the perfect place for a carpet and curtain shop, in Leicester. The years changed this and Fosse Park had become an immediate success and is such a popular destination, for shoppers.

So, Steve and Stuart, popped a pin in the map on Fosse park.

It was decided, that premises within 5-10 mins of Fosse Park, would therefore be perfect.

New premises

With some luck and fate, the new premises were found. Right at the top of Shackerdale Road, on the Aylestone Lane, you will find Dalkard & Elliott’s present carpet, curtain, bed and flooring shop. Parking is right outside and accessible access is directly off the main car park, which sits immediately along the side of the shop.

Carpet display

The carpet display is fantastic and is the very best.

Carpet and flooring ranges, from every leading manufacturer are on display.

You have room to look and to make decisions about your new flooring or carpet. The best of each manufacturers carpet ranges are picked. You therefore have the best of the best carpet, to pick from! Steve and Stuart also buy manufacturers carpet roll ends. These are on display, for you see, feel and to buy. There are great qualities of carpet, which are for 50% less than the carpets normal price. Great choice, service and value.

Curtain Display

The curtain fabric selection has gone from strength to strength. There are beautiful designs and colours to choose from. Expert advice and help, is so happily given. In addition, no matter how much of little you would like us to do, we can take care of everything that you need. Poles, tracks, automation, blinds, (wood slats, Roman, vertical, perfect fit, vision and Venetian) are all supplied and fitted, just as you need.

Flooring display

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are today’s ‘go to’ hard flooring. They give great performance and cleanability. LVT Vinyl Flooring is totally waterproof As you walk into the shop, you will find the vinyl flooring to your right. The display is excellent and there are large samples for you to take away and to try at home. You therefore, can be sure of exactly how your new vinyl flooring will look.

Come to Dalkard & Elliott and take away the worry and the guess work. Your new vinyl flooring, will be expertly fitted and the advice will be first class.

New bed display

Beds Leicester, will never be the same. In Dalkard & Elliott’s bed showroom, you will find the very bed, that you have been looking for. The display is excellent and the range of product and advice superb. You can buy your double bed from £399, or, spend up to £5000.00

So, you can buy the bed for the spare room, or your rental property as easily as you can buy the special bed, just for you.

Super beds from Harrison Beds, Relyon beds, Sweet dream beds and Dunlopillo beds are all on display.

Of course, D&E also offer their delivery service and their great advice, with every bed.

This is a choice, that you can sleep very comfortably on!

Fitting services

Dalkard & Elliott have a superb reputation. Their fitters are a very important part of the mix and therefore, Steve and Stuart have only ever looked to employ, the best carpet fitters and the best curtain fitters. The testimonials on Facebook, on this website and in google business’s, help to tell you, just how good they are. Every fitter is expertly trained and has years of experience behind them.

Product suppliers

In addition, the manufacturers they deal with are the best:


Carpet manufacturers, are the best. We are very proud to say that over 80% of our choice is from the UK. There is great carpet made abroad, however, we still produce the best carpets in the world! Right here in the UK.

Curtain Fabric

Curtain manufacturers, are the best. You need to the best of the choice and to know that there is back up from both us and our suppliers. Each curtain, carpet, flooring and bed manufacturer has the same solid and strong ethos as Dalkard & Elliott, Leicester.


Each manufacturer, has been looked into closely. We wanted to make sure that you have every confidence in buying from us and our suppliers. In Relyon beds and Harrison beds, you have two of the most trusted selection of natural fibre beds ever made. They have gained their reputation in beds, from many years of striving to be the best. They only look to supply their best beds through the retailers they can trust, like Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester.

Sweet Dreams manufacture beds which are great value for money. They are absolutely, an unbeatable bed at their price points.

Dunlopillo beds, are as many of you will know, the best natural latex beds in the bedding market.

Back up

As with every purchase, you need the piece of mind, to know that should there be a problem, you will be able to get it sorted. So, when you buy from Dalkard & Elliott, you will be able to relax and enjoy making your purchase. Safe in the knowledge, that every step is taken to take care of you from the very start, to the very end of your purchase and beond.

Number One

Dalkard & Elliott carpet, curtains, bed and flooring is the number one company for repeat and recommended business, in Leicestershire and Rutland.







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