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Choosing a Bed. The right beds & mattresses are those that are both comfortable and supportive. Please read our bed buying guide to help you narrow your choice for the type of bed that would be most suitable for you.

The key to owning the perfect mattress is to take your time trying them.

Consider your sleeping positions and the most comfortable size. Bear in mind that a larger bed will typically give you more space to enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Choosing a Bed - double bed leicester

Take your time to try at least three mattresses when choosing your new bed. You spend roughly a third of your life in bed, you need to choose the right bed for you.

A bed is the most important piece of furniture we buy

We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, between six and eight hours each night.
Beds can be large or small, firm or soft, however, if they are uncomfortable your health and well-being suffer.

The National Bed Federation recommends that a bed is changed every ten years.
People often keep them well beyond this and then have to replace them for all the wrong reasons such as back pain, worn cover, tired fillings, exposed springs and lack of support.
A bed is rarely changed because it has reached the end of its ten year life span.

Choosing and buying a bed is an intensely personal choice

Finding the right combination of both the bed and mattress will give the ultimate degree of support to suit your needs.

Many people think that buying a new mattress will give them a brand new bed.
However, it’s very important to establish the condition and type of the customer’s existing base. If it is old – the new mattress will follow its worn contours thus bringing no improvement.

Similarly – different types of bases may make the mattress feel different from the shop floor model.
So, here are our recommendations. Purchase a matching set and try a range of beds for comparison!
The right bed is one that is comfortable and supportive.
Different people find different beds comfortable so it is important to try a range of beds for comparison.
If the bed is for two people, it is also important for both to try the beds.

Things to avoid when choosing your bed

Prodding with your hand is no use, especially pocketed sprung mattresses that are designed to depress with your full body weight.
Sitting on the edge of the bed will also give a false impression, particularly if the divan has a sprung edge.

The only proper way to test a bed is to lie on it – preferably both on your back and side for an extended period of time.

Display – Choosing a Bed

In Dalkard & Elliott’s brand new bed showroom, Harrison beds, Relyon beds , Sweet dreams beds and very shortly, Dunlopillo beds, are available to look at and most importantly, to try.

Come in with enough time, to look at, to get to understand about and to feel how different, all the mattresses are.

Lots of our customers will spend an hour in the department, getting to feel and understand, what is best for them.

Please spend as much time as you need, to do this. There is a lovely, relaxed feel to the department, to enjoy.

There will always be great service and advice, from the experts and from the people who care, about getting the right bed for you.

Steve, Stuart, Tim and Amanda are all trained to give you the best, impartial advice.

Also, buying your new bed, should be fun. It is an important purchase and one to make the most of. So, enjoy the process and Dalkard & Elliott will help you, to do just that!

Delivery – Choosing a Bed

Dalkard & Elliott will also deliver your bed to your home.

If you need us to, we will also take away your old mattress.

If you are unsure about access, to deliver your new bed, we will call out to you home, to make sure that there can be no issues.

Disposal – Choosing a Bed

The rules about mattress disposal have changed, so in order for us to do this for you, we will give you a ‘bag’ to put your old mattress into and to seal. This allows us to transport the mattress.

There is a charge for this service, which is £ 39.99

Delivery time – Choosing a Bed

All of our natural fibre beds are made to order. Delivery, on average, is 4-5 weeks

We are very pleased to say that a mattress and divan base can be custom made, to the size you would like. This adds just a little in cost, however, it can make a huge difference to the room in your bed, that you can relax and sleep in.

Whatever you needs, Dalkard & Elliott will be very pleased to help.

Call into see us, try out our beds and find the one that is ‘just right’ for you.

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