Why do the clocks change? Harrison and Relyon beds Leicester

Why do the clocks change?

The clocks change because, of Mr William Willett, back in 1907. Mr Willett was a builder, and it was he that introduced the thought of British Summer Time.


The idea was to make the utmost of the morning light and improve the mood of the country.

At first,the idea was ridiculed by parliament.  It wasn’t brought up again until Germany adopted the system, almost 10 years later, 30thApril 1916.

Britain followed suit a month later along with other European countries, France, Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and Turkey.

Whatever way these changes effect you now, they are a timely reminder to turn your beds mattress twice a year.

A nice alarm clock to help us remember!


clocks change - beds and mattresses leicesterMattresses that are made up of layers of luxurious natural fillings, found just below the sleeping surface, will with regular use, ‘bed in’ as they get to know your body.

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Dalkard & Elliott recommend turning your beds mattress or rotating it, at least twice a year. Depending on the bed mattress you have.

it definitely helps natural fillings to settle more evenly. This is important to do in the first twelve weeks.

Your bed will be delivered with a care guide to explain more. For the first twelve weeks, Dalkard & Elliott recommend that the bed mattress be rotated every week and if it is ‘turnable’ bed mattress, in addition, to turn it every other week.

Bed mattresses are heavy and not easy to turn without help, so, if you are unable to move your mattress, please don’t panic. It will just take longer for the beds natural fillings to settle evenly.

After the first twelve weeks, depending on the type of mattress, (some mattresses are none turn) turn and rotate a mattress as often as you like to.

Thank you for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott

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