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Our new Bed and mattress showroom is almost ready!!

The display from Relyon Beds and mattresses will be installed on the 23rd October and this will be shortly followed by the display from Harrison beds and mattresses.

Watch this space for more news!!

The newest and the best place to buy your bed or mattress will soon be Dalkard & Elliott Leicester.

‘If you are going to sleep, sleep well’… a wonderful motto. When considering your new bed and mattress from Dalkard & Elliott this phrase is important.

Beds and mattresses make us comfortable for a massive third of one’s life. What type of bed and mattress you sleep on will make a huge difference to your well-being.

Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update


Promoting a healthier life by making a considered selection of a mattress is of a real benefit.

Dalkard & Elliott’s bed and mattress selection has been very carefully thought through to help you get the right bed and mattress to sleep on.

Things to consider:

Do you like a bed which has natural fibres and fillings to lay on?

If so, the selection from Relyon and Harrison Spinks gives you exactly what you need.

Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses UpdateBeautifully made by both manufacturers with hand-crafted mattresses and filled with the best natural fibres.

Dalkard & Elliott’s new bed and mattress showroom will allow you to see just how these beds are made.

Seeing this will allow you to understand and appreciate the design, effort and passion that goes into providing quality products built to last for many years.

You will be able to select a natural fibre bed mattress which will support you properly.

Plus be able to choose from bed mattresses offering you levels of support from Gentle to Medium to Firm.

Your partner may have different requirements to yourself.

Therefore, in addition we can tailor your bed mattress so that you can have your bed mattress made with 2 different levels of support, one on either side.

This will make sure that your favourite part of the bed is exactly right for you and that the mattress also has just the right level of support for you partner too.

Selecting the right level of support will help to ensure that good posture and this is so important for your good night’s sleep.

The bed mattresses will be on display for you to see, touch and lay on. The acid tests!!

Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update

Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update

Take a look at our last blog to see images of how the right bed mattress will improve your posture during the night.

Dalkard & Elliott pride themselves on selecting two great manufacturers to supply their natural fibre bed mattresses.

Mattresses are made from silk, cashmere, Egyptian cotton, plus sheep’s wool, horsehair, white curled hair and mohair.

Especially relevant because you will have real comfort from nature in every mattress!!

The spring technology that will be in your natural fibre bed mattress has improved immeasurably over many years of refinement.

You will have every confidence that your Relyon or Harrison bed will have the best ‘springtec’ available.

So in addition when you call in, our bed experts will be able to explain all the benefits and features.

As a result, if you need a synthetic bed mattress then Sweet Dreams and Minerva will suit your specific requirements.

Dalkard & Elliott have chosen them as their preferred suppliers in this part of the bed market because of their commitment to product development and high standards.

The price range of double beds and mattresses will start at just £399.00 for the mattress and divan.

Headboards are ordered separately.

Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update Dalkard & Elliott Beds & Mattresses Update

Bed mattresses with a divan in natural fibre range from £899.00  with a great selection on display up to £2599.00.

Bedheads will be available across the whole product range.

Whatever your needs and requirements are you will need to look no further than Dalkard & Elliott Leicester.

D&E have been Leicester’s No.1 one stop destination for carpets, made to measure curtains, window blinds and flooring for over 50 years.

The addition of beds and mattresses goes hand in glove with their offering.

This always includes great advice, service and care.

Call in and see us or ring to have a chat. The bed showroom will be ready this summer and Steve, Stu, Tim and Amanda will be very happy to see you!!

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Thanks for reading.
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