Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester

Double Beds Leicester

headboards and divans in a brilliant range of fabrics, to suit your room

Double Beds Leicester

A double bed can be ordered in a couple of standard sizes.

1.35 x 1.90 (Standard Double bed) and 1.20 x 1.90 (Small double bed)

It is very possible to have a double bed made to the size you need. For not a huge amount of extra cost, you can add width or length to the bed. To make sure that is suits you perfectly.

Dalkard & Elliott Double Beds Leicester have beds from Somnus, Dunlopillo, Sweet Dreams, Harrison, Relyon,

Prices start at £599.00 for a double mattress , with a divan, 2 drawers and a headboard. We also offer a custom making service. It allows you to have your bed made that little bit bigger,  if you simply fancy a little more room in width and in length, for that comfy nights sleep, you can have it.


Double Beds Leicester

for a great nights sleep

sleep well

Taking time out to choose you new bed is very important. Dalkard & Elliott allow to relax and to take your time in selecting the bed that you need. A major difference, when you consider how long you want your bed to last.

Come in and enjoy a lovely showroom. Look at and consider, all the different options.

It is vital that you lay on the beds to feel the differences.

Firstly, make sure that the firmness of the bed is exactly how you need it to be.

Beds are made in 3 levels of support.

  • gentle
  • medium
  • firm

You also have orthopaedic mattresses for troublesome back issues.

Your body will prefer one of these levels of support. So, it is worth while taking the time, right at the start, to find which one is for you.

These pictures show what good support looks like:

double beds leicester

double beds leicester

double beds leicester

You will have your preferred sleeping position. As you lay down on all the different mattresses, snuggle yourself into the mattress and take a moment to see how that feels.

Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester will give you all the time you need, to make sure that you buy the right bed and mattress.

Pocket sprung mattresses are superb for comfort and support. If you and your partner require a different level of support, then a Zip & Link mattress is perfect for you. It is possible to have the right support for you and your partner by using a Zip & Link mattress.

The natural fillings that go into your mattress from Relyon beds and Harrison beds also make a huge improvement to your nights sleep.

They not only give you layers of comfort. They are designed to give you warmth and great performance. Fibres are added to make sure that moisture is quickly wicked away and all the mattresses are vented to allow the bed to breathe.

COMFORT FROM NATURE – Double Beds Leicester

100% natural fillings used in our hand-made mattresses from Relyon beds and Harrsion beds.

Each luxurious filling pad that is layered into a our beds is made from the finest natural fibres.

More exotic materials such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are sourced to ensure their quality.

double bed leicester



Silk is naturally a moisture-absorbing fibre, which will help your beds to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester



The double coat of the Cashmere goat is soft and smooth, plus highly resilient.  The outer layer is durable, the fine, soft under down is lighter and more insulating than other wools.

Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester



Softer and much smoother than wool, this fibre’s texture has a luxurious feel. It is used in the top filling layers of the mattress.

Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


Flax is a strong, light and very sustainable material, it creates breathable organic fillings. It is used to improve moisture management.
Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


Hemp is a very absorbent material and is naturally resists any mildew. It helps to keep beds fresh and hygienic.
Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


cool, comfortable, soft and absorbent, cotton will wick away moisture quickly.
Egyptian cotton is a little softer. It is perfect for keeping you cool and dry as possible.
Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


Soft and springy, wool will naturally support you.It will  keep you warm and dry.
Because it is anti-bacterial, there is no need to use chemicals in any mattress made with wool fillings.
Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


Springy and tough, horse hair adds a sumptuous layer. It is a resilient fibre and one which is in many of our high-end mattresses.
Double Beds Leicester at Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester


A wholy fibre which allows the moisture to be moved quickly away and it is naturally springy

The ‘tick’, which is the fabric that your mattress will be covered by is made of the finest cloth.

Every bit of out natural fibre mattresses are made with one thing in mind. To give you the best nights sleep that you can have.

You may already have a divan or base for your new mattress. However, if you need a new one, or fancy a change, Dalkard & Elliott have a lovely choice for you to consider.

On display you will find divans and ottomans to consider, plus if you are considering a complete new look, headboards too.

The prices of the headboards start from as little as £ 79.00. Therefore, if you like the idea of a very sumptuous headboard, you can look at prices up to £ 900.00. So, lots to enjoy and to consider!

Dalkard & Elliott Double Beds Leicester, will of course deliver your knew mattress. It is also possible to have your old mattress taken away. There is a cost of £ 49.99 for this service and we will give you a bag to place your old mattress into.

Old mattresses are now classed as hazardous waste. However, we have made sure that we can help you, if you are stuck and unable to dispose of the mattress yourself.

Leicester beds shop. All of our beds and mattresses are fully guaranteed.

To make the most of your guarantee, please ensure that for the first twelve weeks, you turn the mattress every week and also flip it, every two weeks.

Turning and flipping the mattress during this time makes sure that any ‘settlement’ of the fibres is even. If you are unable to do this, do not worry, it will just take more time for your mattress to settle evenly.

A mattress protector, for your new mattress, is a must. Furthermore, it will guarantee that your new mattress will be protected against any fluids. In addition, it will also ensure that you get the full guarantee on your mattress too.

For great advice, service and support call in and see Dalkard & Elliott Leicester beds

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