Dunlopillo Beds Leicester

Dunlopillo Beds Leicester are best found at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester. All these beds are on display in our showrooms, ready for you to try and enjoy!

Choosing the right mattress

Dunlopillo Orchid John Lewis
The Orchid Dunlopillo Mattress

It is so important to consider the support that your body requires, to attain your ‘neutral position’ is essential, a position where your spine has the correct natural curvature and when your head, shoulders, tummy and legs are all in proper alignment.

Dunlopillo Millennium mattress

Dunlopillo latex responds immediately and adapts to your profile and movement. It encourages deeper and more restful sleep.

firmrest by Dunlopillo colourbank
Firmrest Mattress by Dunlopillo

Natural latex has anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

which best buy beds Royal Sovereign
Which best buy beds by Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo mattresses from £ 749.00 please read on for all the benefits of a natural latex bed.

Mattress tensionMedium support
Easily maintainedTo make life a lot easier, Dunlopillo mattresses never require turning.
21cm 100% pure Dunlopillo latex coreThis beautifully deep Dunlopillo latex mattress from their Signature Collection is resilient, responsive & completely noise free,
providing revitalising, undisturbed & easy natural sleep.
7 Comfort zonesZoned comfort in the mattress cushions your shoulders, hips
and feet, whilst the firmer support areas provide the most perfect balance to allow your spine to be correctly aligned however you sleep.
Progressive ComfortDunlopillo latex responds immediately and adapts to your profile and movement. It encourages deeper and more restful sleep.
BreathableLatex’s open cell structure is made up of millions of microscopic air bubbles, ensures a very supportive mattress, it also promotes air circulation. Your movement as you sleep during the night helps to ventilate the mattress plus it keeps the bed at a constant and incredibly comfortable body temperature.
Pressure relievingDunlopillo latex provides instantaneous pressure relief. It also actively encourages healthy blood supply to every muscle, helping you awake feeling wonderfully refreshed & revitalised.
DurableOur latex mattresses are designed to deliver long-lasting performance utilising its natural resilience to hold shape and to remain durable for many years to come.
Health and wellbeingNatural latex has anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.
Dunlopillo Plus mattress coverThis innovative cooling technology mattress cover helps to make you feel cool, by drawing excessive heat away from your body. This maintains your very comfortable nights sleep, everynight.

A good nights sleep

When a bed is too soft, or, too firm it causes the core of your body to drop out of natural neutral alignment. This leads to discomfort and persistent restlessness during your sleep.

Good advice

Please note: Dunlopillo natural latex mattresses need to be kept well ventilated and for this reason, they must only be used with a slatted base. We do not recommend the use of electric blankets with any Dunlopillo mattresses

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