Harrison Spinks Beds at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester


Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester
Harrison Spinks for a perfect nights sleep

Customers see that innovation and inspiration are right at the heart of Harrison beds.

It is their continuous investment in technology which has allowed Harrison Beds to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world.

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester
Harrison Spinks beds are made by the nicest craftsman!

Harrison beds manufacture patented pocket springs. They have a team of engineers who have also designed purpose-built machinery on-site.

Harrison Beds Leeds factory produces it’s award-winning springs.


Dalkard & Elliott have bed experts Steve, Stuart and Tim always on hand, and are delighted to announce, that they are all certified Harrison bed experts.

Training days were undertaken, to improve their knowledge and to learn the skills of Harrison beds, to make sure that d&e can tell you everything you need to know about them.

It ensures, that we always give you the very best advice.

The bed training took place inside Harrison beds factory in Leeds, in their workshops and in the farm, which Harrison beds own.

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester
see and hear more about Harrison Spinks

The farm produces all of the hemp that Harrison beds use in their production.

It also helps to provide wool, from the sheep that graze their lands.

Harrison beds are aiming to be the only bed supplier in the UK, that is vertically integrated.

It is also Harrison’s aim, to be able to offer a recycling service on all their bed mattresses, in the future.

The company is family-owned and their ethics are superb.

Dalkard & Elliott were delighted to be able to secure Harrison Beds as one of their retail outlets. It is not an honour that Harrison beds bestow easily.

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

The bed display is one of the best bed displays in Leicestershire. It is a thoughtful and comprehensive selection of beds.

It makes it so easy to compare comfort and price.

We would love to be of service to you.

History and innovation

In 2014, Harrison beds and mattresses began drawing wire from steel rod. This allowed them to produce thinner wire than is available within the market.

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Consequently, Harrison beds have been able to produce much tinier springs. Furthermore, the springs now have a range of purposes, from mattresses and sofas and cot mattresses. As well as, automotive seating and trainers too.


Harrison Spinks has also invested in several brand new and ground-breaking weaving looms. Harrison beds now weave fabric for some mattresses in-house.

A dedicated in-house laboratory ensures the quality of all components and products. Furthermore, Harrison beds have been recognised by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for Innovation and the other for Sustainable Development were gladly received by Harrison beds in 2013

Harrison Beds and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester Hand crafting Luxury


Developing quality ingredients for sumptuous comfort layers are meaningless if they cannot be hand tailored into beautiful beds and mattresses.

Whether it is Harrison beds skilled upholsterers crafting beautiful headboards. Or, their highly qualified technicians carefully hand-teasing and then layering all the luxury natural fillings into mattresses. Harrison beds attention to detail is second to none and Dalkard & Elliott recognised that strength immediately…

Harrison beds skilled crafters take up to an hour to hand side stitch the individual rows of one their luxury mattresses.

Also, many years of experience have been passed from one generation to the next generation. As a consequence, you have combinations of time-honoured craftsmanship techniques and ground-breaking spring technology to enjoy. Creating the perfect mix for the most luxurious handmade Harrison beds.

Harrison beds have been making beds ever since 1889. Their knowledge is accumulated from over 100 years of bed making. Therefore. this has made the Harrison name synonymous with beautiful, hand crafted, pocket sprung beds.

Dalkard & Elliott beds and mattresses Leicester are incredibly proud to be Harrison beds partner.

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Harrison bed mattresses contain their award-winning Revolution® spring-within-spring system. The Revolution® spring has a smaller spring sitting inside a larger one. It works by a 2-stage action, providing superb levels of support.

Customers know that a restful night’s sleep is essential for health and well-being.

Dalkard & Elliott understand the importance of finding a bed that is right for you.

Harrison beds are tailor-made to order and available in three different levels of support. Therefore, one of which will exactly right for you! Plus, a range of standard and bespoke sizes.

Select from a variety of fabrics, bed frames, headboards and storage options to create a truly tailor-made wonderful night’s sleep.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester offer you carpets, flooring, made to measure curtains. As well as, blinds, beds, mattresses, headboards and wallpaper, with expert advice.

Staff will help you through the process of putting a whole room together.

There is a combined knowledge of over 250 years on offer, so please do not hesitate to ask!

Harrison beds and Dalkard & Elliott, the perfect bed partners!

Harrison Spinks logo

Considering buying a new bed and looking for a new carpet and maybe curtains too?

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s  first class curtain fabric and carpet suppliers will give you all the choice that you need. In addition to the best fitters for you to use.

Steve Elliott is very proud of Dalkard & Elliott’s reputation for personal, expert and friendly advice. ‘I strive to provide a first-class environment for our customers to shop in.

In addition we providie an atmosphere in which customers and staff alike, can relax in and enjoy’

Harrison Spinks Beds  at      Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Our customers are able to buy from top curtain fabric manufacturers like Harlequin curtain fabrics, Clarke & Clarke and PT (Prestigious Textiles). As well as, Sanderson, Voyage, Designers Guild, Swaffer and Romo.

They include James Hare, Ashley Wilde, Scion, Studio G, William Morris, Villa Nova and many more! Therefore, there are many for you to select from.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s highly trained and dedicated curtain makers live inside Leicestershire and Rutland.

Carpet is supplied by every leading carpet manufacturer. Furthermore, they are backed up by Dalkard & Elliott’s fitting service and guarantees which are second to none.

Neil, one of Dalkard & Elliott’s fitters has worked for them for almost 40 years.

In addition, we offer you  a complete service across the whole range of product.

Including the fitting of curtain tracks and window blinds too! Therefore, you need look no further than Dalkard & Elliott Leicester.

A great family business built on reputation.

Harrison beds

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott


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