Mattresses and beds arrive at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Mattresses and beds arrive at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester
Mattresses and beds arrive at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Just in time for the Black Friday offers! Harrison beds and mattresses, Relyon beds and mattresses along with Sweet Dreams Minerva collection of beds and mattresses. They will be in place and on display in Dalkard & Elliott’s very impressive showrooms at 260 Aylestone Lane Leicester.

The best double beds and the best mattresses will be on display from £ 399.00 and all the way up to £ 2599.00. Headboards from £ 70.00 to £ 600.00 will be beautifully displayed on the beds too.

Beds and mattresses Leicester will never be the same!

Dalkard & Elliott have been long established as the first and the best choice in carpets, flooring, blinds and curtains for more than 5 decades. Beds and mattresses go hand in glove with the range of products that Dalkard & Elliott already offer you. Therefore, come and see the new display and enjoy selecting your new mattress, bed or headboard in a very nice environment.

You will get personal attention and service from a Leicester family business that cares about what you need. Furthermore, you will be given time to relax in order to consider and to make your selection.

On average, one third of our day is spent in our bed. Getting the most out of our sleep relies heavily on our beds and mattresses.
The right mattress will give you just the right amount of support across every part of your body. Therefore, with the right mattress and bed your sleep pattern will be perfectly aligned to your body’s needs. Meaning, you will rest well both physically and mentally.

Mattress toppers are a lovely addition to your favourite best mattress and can help to aide sleep too.

Accumulated sleep deprivation is a much talked about subject. If we lose just 40 minutes of good sleep per night, we are losing a night’s entire sleep in every ten days. Therefore, that lack of sleep has a dramatic effect on how we are mentally as well as physically.

To help to maintain a healthy body and mind it absolutely helps to go to sleep on the right bed and mattress for you.

By exploring the benefits of all the different mattresses and beds at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester you will find just the right one for you.

The comprehensive choice of beds, mattresses and headboards at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is designed to give every individual the opportunity to purchase the mattress or bed that they need.
Every couple are physically different to each other. Consequently a mattress needs to be appropriately structured and made to accommodate those differences.

Mattresses and beds arrive at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

The double beds and mattresses from Harrison Spinks and Relyon are tailor made for you. As a result you can have a mattress made with firmness to match you and your partners physicality’s exactly. The double mattresses are  made in 2 sections and are known as a split mattress. So this means that the correct firmness for you and your partner is perfectly matched.

Mattresses and beds arrive at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester – Perfect for you both

You may order the right size of mattress for you, single double and king sized beds. In addition some mattresses come with a  topper, as shown and in the display).

If you like a mattress that are made from natural fibres and materials, you need to look no further than Dalkard & Elliott. Harrison’s beds and Relyon beds are probably the best that you will ever need. Each an expert and incredibly well regarded within the trade.

If your needs are for a synthetic bed or mattress, with or without memory foam. The Sweet Dreams Minerva collection is the finest value for money selection of mattresses, beds and headboards that you will find.

When you type in best beds Leicester or best mattresses Leicester think of Dalkard & Elliott. Furhtermore, we are easy to find just at the top of Shackerdale Road where it meets the Aylestone Lane.

There is free and easy customer parking right outside. Furthermore, we have a large car park just behind Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s bed, mattress, carpet, curtain, flooring and blind showroom.

You will find truly friendly and expert advice of every product.
Furthermore, Steve Elliott, Stuart Elliott, Tim, Amanda or Mike will be very pleased to help and to guide you through every step.

The Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s team look forward to seeing you and being of service!

Dalkard & Elliott

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