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Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are very proud to be Jaranda’s number one stockist in Leicester. As a luxury carpet manufacturer Jacaranda have a unique collection of flooring and rugs available. Carpets range in price from £ 49.99 m2 up to £ 180m2. They make fantastic finishes for a room that requires a fully fitted carpet or a rug. The carpets are made in a vast range of styles and the carpet colours are earthy and timeless. With a bit of vibrancy thrown in the man-made carpet fibre collections.

Carpet can be bought for many reasons. What Jacaranda carpets offer is luxury, texture and style. Furthermore, you buy a Jacaranda carpet when your desire is for something that is different, opulent and wow! Moreover, a Jacaranda carpet is always a heavy one! Furthermore, it will often take 4 fitters to bring the carpet into your room and to lay it out.

Dalkard & Elliott carpet fitters are very well trained in fitting carpet of this quality

We also have the expertise in fitting the natural Seagrass, Sisal and Coir flooring that Crucial Trading having specialised in it for many years. The carpet is often beautifully thick and it is very likely that your doors will require shortening to clear the new carpet and underlay.

Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester will take care of this and every aspect of the fitting for you. Check out the reviews!

Jacaranda Carpets

When it is difficult for you to clear a room of the furniture or of the old flooring and underlay Dalkard & Elliott will assist you here too. Nothing is too much trouble and helping with these tasks is undertaken willingly.

A high quality carpet underlay is needed with Jacaranda carpet. Carpet underlay varies a lot in quality but Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester will only offer you the right ones to consider.

Super soft carpet underlay is amazing. Firmer underlays will do their job perfectly when the demand for one is a necessity. The choice of which type is best for your carpet is decided after a quick chat with one of Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet experts. This will easily clarify which one is best for you.

Carpet threshold strips are another consideration and they are available in Aluminium, Anodised brass effect, wood and some very smart nickel, antique bronze and polished/brushed silver looks.

Jacaranda Carpets And Rugs At Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

If you are looking for a metal strip the best colour will depend on your door furniture. It is always nice to match the strips to the type of door handles that you have.

If you are considering wooden carpet thresholds there are some lovely pre-finished strips that Dalkard & Elliott Leicester offer. Make sure that you have a look at all of the different types so that you can make the best choice for you and your home.

Carpets Leicester is a term that is associated with Dalkard & Elliott and has been for over 5 decades. Still a family run business, carpets have run in Steve and Stuarts veins for all of their lives. Carpets are Tim’s passion too and he has been with Dalkard & Elliott Leicester for almost 25 years.

We included curtains into our portfolio at around the time that Tim joined the company. This has enabled Tim, Steve and Stuart to have a complete knowledge of all the aspects of the business.

Amanda who has been designing and making curtains all of her life, originally making them and now selling and designing them loves the opportunity to look after customers when they are looking to put their schemes together.

Jacaranda Carpets

Everyone in the shop pulls together, to get you the best result that is possible.

Jacaranda Carpets and Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester are a great team. Both are dedicated in what they do and their synergy comes from wanting to make a difference.

Jacaranda Carpets And Rugs At Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Put these skills in carpets with the skills in made to measure curtains in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and you have the most committed company in being the best at what they do in the UK.

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