Bed and mattress, Leicester buying guide

This is Dalkard & Elliott’s bed and mattress, Leicester buying guide.

Leicester beds – The secret of a great nights sleep is a comfortable bed and mattress.

A great bed and mattress, makes the difference between a poor quality sleep, that leaves you tired and restless, and a great, refreshing restorative nights rest.

Are you are waking up with aches, pains or stiffness?

Are you sleeping just as well, as you did a year ago?

Have you enjoyed a more satisfying sleep in another bed?

Answering yes, to any of these questions? it sounds like it’s time to get a new mattress and bed.


There is no perfect type of bed and mattress, for particular conditions, like back pain. However, there will be the right mattress and bed for you, all you need is the right help and advice. In addition,  Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester, give you the best service you will experience.They will urge you to take your time in deciding and to come back into the shop,  as many times as you need to, in order to make the right choice.


Find the type of mattress that you prefer. Do you prefer a softer or firmer mattress?


Are you aware that when two people sleep in a ‘standard double sized bed’, they only enjoy the same sleeping space, as a baby, tucked up in it’s cot? Think about your bedroom and the amount of room, that you can afford to give over to your bed and mattress.

Typical UK bed sizes are:

Small single 75 x 190 cms

Single 90 x 190 cms

Small Double 120 x 190 cms

Double 135 x 190 cms

King 150 x 200 cms

Super King 180 x 200cms

Dalkard & Elliott beds and mattresses, also order beds for you, in bespoke sizes. So if you are 6’4″ tall like me, you can add a little more length, to your bed and to your mattress. It makes a huge difference.

Your old base

If you already have one, consider it’s age and it’s condition. It is very possible that your old base could reduce the life of your new mattress. It can also affect the comfort and support that the mattress can offer.


You may have concerns about getting your new bed upstairs. Divan bases are split into two, and will normally be easy to deliver into your room. King and Super King mattresses can be an issue. If you are worried, please ask.  Dalkard & Elliott Leicester beds, will call out to look and to make sure what can be achieved. King and Super King mattresses can be ordered, in what is known as, a Zip & Link. This option not only helps in delivery, it also makes it so much easier to rotate and to flip your mattress. Helping the mattress to settle perfectly.

Buying your new bed

33.33% of your life will be spent in bed.

So, when you come into Dalkard & Elliott, allow yourself enough time, to make the right choice. Try it and then try it again, is our advice! Lying on the mattresses and beds, is the only way to find out, what is best for you. Come in comfortable clothes, take off your shoes and coat and relax. Lie on the beds for about ten minutes each. You will feel yourself sink into the mattress. Roll onto your back, onto your side and most importantly, in your normal sleeping position.

These images give a great idea of how you should be supported, when you are lying down.

Leicester Beds

Beds Leicester

beds leicester

Dalkard & Elliott help you to make the right choice, every time.

The mattress covering material, that you can see in the photo’s, is called a ‘ticking’. The best mattresses and beds, will have a tick that helps to move perspiration away from the body and through the fabric. From there it can then quickly evaporate, helping you to feel cooler and much more comfortable.

Side stitching

You will also notice the sides of the bed. These are known as side panels and beds from Dalkard & Elliott, made at Harrison beds and Relyon beds, are hand stitched. This traditional skill vastly improves the firmness of the sides of the bed.

Inside a spring mattress

What is inside of your mattress, makes the largest improvement, to your nights sleep.

Natural filings, pocket springs and great product will enhance the quality of your sleep.

Cotton: Great at absorbing moisture, whilst being able to breathe, it is used near the surface. It brings a lovely soft feel to your bed.

Wool: Naturally, a fire retardant, gives you a luxurious bed, it too, is breathable

Horse Hair: Nature’s spring

Silks, cashmere and mohair: each give luxury and insulation to your bed


Latex is a premium material, derived from the sap of rubber trees. It takes the sap of 500 rubber trees, to make one mattress! Dunlopillo mattresses have a distinctive feel and furthermore, they are incredibly durable. These beds from Dunlopillo have anti-microbial properties that can offer benefits to many allergy sufferers. Also, Latex has a brilliant natural elasticity, which in addition, gives beautiful even support across the whole body.


Dunlopillo beds , Harrison beds and  Relyon Beds. all have stylish, quality headboards available, in different styles. Their fabrics co-ordinate with your room and match to their divan bases. A headboard acts as a statement, finishing you bedroom off a treat.

Caring for your bed and mattress

Do not bend or roll your new mattress. It will damage the springs and also invalidate warranties. In the first 12 weeks, turn the mattress every week and also flip it every other week,(unless you have a no turn mattress). After this initial period, repeat this exercise every three months or so. This will also help prolong the life of the mattress and also minimise uneven settlement. Very important if you like to sit and read, or watch TV in bed.

Buy a mattress protector. Dalkard & Elliott have the best in the market. A quality mattress protector makes absolutely sure that your mattress will be fully guaranteed. Allow yourself a few weeks, to get used to the comfort of your new bed. You will literally ‘settle into it’ and enjoy it for many years to come.

Leicester beds are Dalkard & Elliott! Great friendly service and products for you to buy and to enjoy.

Thanks for reading this guide

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