Dalkard & Elliott is not just a Leicester carpet shop

Dalkard & Elliott is not just a Leicester carpet shop

Leicester carpet shop

Dalkard & Elliott is not just a Leicester carpet shop…not just a Leicester curtain shop.

Carpets, made to measure curtains and floorcoverings. Furthermore, having showrooms in Leicester helps to provide the very best all round service.

You may be looking for just curtains and find Dalkard & Elliott. Or may just be looking for carpets and floorcoverings and find them too! The great thing is that we specialise in the fitting of every product. We sell and have an unbeatable wealth of knowledge to take advantage of.

Fitted carpets in Leicester have be synonymous with Dalkard & Elliott for over 5 decades. Furthermore, The fitting of the carpets is undertaken by fully trained staff and is guaranteed to delight.

Carpet fitting is a demanding and a skillful job. Consequently, once you have had a carpet properly fitted in your home you will see a huge difference in the finished result.

Leicester carpet shop

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester leave every carpet beautifully fitted, hoovered down and ready for use. The testimonials that we receive are testament to the quality of product. As well as, the service that we provide at every step.

Steve, Stu, Tim and Amanda will be very willing to arrange an appointment. Furthermore, they will even bring your favoured samples to you at home and to look at everything that needs to be done.

Dalkard & Elliott is not just a Leicester carpet shop

They can help make sure that your doors will clear your new floorings properly. That your sub-floor is good and ready to have your new carpets or floorings fitted to. They can take moisture readings in the sub-floor. This will make sure that you can have your new LVT or hard flooring fitted without issue. Or they can help with great advice on the colour and style of carpet that will work best for you.

No matter where you live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland, carpets and floorcoverings are looked after better by Dalkard & Elliott Leicester than by anyone else.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester give nothing than the best in made to measure curtains too. Furthermore, the curtain shops and showrooms in Leicester vary tremendously. At Dalkard & Elliott’s curtain shop in Leicester you will find the curtain showroom integrated. As well as being very comfortably along the side of the great carpets and floorcovering that they have on offer.

Great curtain fabrics are easy to match with your carpet choices. Furthermore, they have great selections from Villa Nova curtain fabrics and Swaffer curtain fabrics. As well as, Harlequin curtain fabrics, Scion curtain fabrics and PT curtain fabrics. Also included, Clarke & Clarke curtain fabrics, James Hare curtain fabrics and Sanderson curtain fabrics. Along with, Linwood curtain fabrics, Romo curtain fabrics and Home curtain fabrics make selecting your new made to measure curtains a dream come true!

Dalkard & Elliott is not just a Leicester carpet shop

Roman blinds are made by the very best Roman Blind maker that we can find. It is a real skill to get a Roman Blind to look its very best. The glowing remarks received in feed back about them are amazing.

Made to measure curtains are hand sewn and they are finished immaculately. Curtains in Leicester have been part of Dalkard & Elliott’s portfolio for over 25 years. Every set of curtains and every blind can be expertly fitted by Dalkard & Elliott Leicester. Tracks, poles and electrically operated systems are supplied and fitted too.

Whatever your requirements are Dalkard & Elliott Leicester will be very proud to help you in every way possible. Furthermore, the fitters that Dalkard & Elliot Leicester use are first class and nothing is ever too much work.

Whether it is a full house of curtains and carpets that you need. Or bathroom flooring and blind you are guaranteed to be looked after and to enjoy the experience as a whole.

For Curtains, Carpets, floorcoverings and wallpapers Dalkard & Elliott’s shop in Leicester truly is a one stop shop.

Dalkard & Elliott

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