Leicester Carpet Specialist

Leicester Carpet Specialist, the No1 choice, Dalkard & Elliott
Get the best advice you can get, with an award winning  service and all the products that you need to see.

Leicester Carpet Specialist - carpet leicester knowledgeLook no further than Dalkard & Elliott, the No.1 carpet specialist, fitting carpet to every area in Leicestershire.
Make an informed selection, with expert advice from Steve, Stuart, Tim, Mike and Neil.

With well over a 100 years of combined experience, you cannot go wrong.

Your experience matters

In addition Dalkard & Elliott make buying your carpet an enjoyable experience, with plenty of smiles, enthusiasm and desire to help.
Dalkard & Elliott are carpet specialists, they are also proud to have the finest reputation with their customers and with every manufacturer, who supports them.

Carpet manufacturers and ranges

The carpet manufacturers are the best too. Steve Elliott, explains that there is a huge difference between products that are made and therefore, it is vitally important, that we offer the best value for money carpets that you can buy.

Real value

So, value for money, can mean a different thing to many people. At Dalkard & Elliott, Leicester carpet specialists, it means that you have the very best product you can buy, at each price point, on offer.


So, whether the carpet is for your spare bedroom, or the lounge, hall, stairs and landing, the carpets that you can able to pick from, are also the best quality at the price that you are budgeting for.


carpet pricesCarpet costs go from £ 7.99 m2 to £ 199 m2 , therefore,  plenty of choice!!

Carpet underlay, is very important. So Dalkard & Elliott have the right range of quality for you too.
There are bedroom underlays for rooms that are used less. Great insulating carpet underlay, which will make your room warmer and less noisy.
There are underlays which will help to make your carpet, as soft underfoot, as you desire.
Costs of carpet underlay go from £ 4.99 m2 to £ 12,50 m2
So feel free to experience and enjoy feeling the difference!


Dalkard & Elliott carpet specialists, will fit every carpet fixing that you need. This also includes all the perimeter carpet fixings you need. All the different types of carpet and threshold door strips that you can look at.

Carpet fitting, has a massive impact on how your new carpet will look.

Dalkard & Elliott carpet specialists have the best fitters and in addition, each one, is fully trained in all the types of flooring, that you can have fitted.

The carpet fitters are all highly experienced and they each have more than 25 years of carpet fitting behind them.

Neil, who is Dalkard & Elliott’s longest serving member of staff and a first class carpet fitter, has over 37 years with the carpet specialists, is so proud of the reputation that they have.

Award winning

carpet leicesterNeil is also incredibly honoured to able to tell people that Dalkard & Elliott carpet specialists, won the trades accolade for being the most professional carpet business within the UK for 4 years, on the trot.

Dalkard & Elliott have an excellent reputation. They therefore promise to look after you from the moment that you contact them.
After sales service is equally as important as the service that you receive after your new carpet, or carpets are fitted.

Every product that Dalkard & Elliott carpet specialist fit, is fully guaranteed.

Dalkard & Elliott’s repeat business is huge. It is a significant mark, of how well they look after their customers.

Other products and services
Dalkard & Elliott’s specialisms also include made to measure curtains and blinds, plus an amazing range of beds.

‘Everything that we do, we want to be proud of says Stuart Elliott, who is also Steve’s brother.

So, for quality service, brilliant value for money and the best choice, please call in and see Dalkard & Elliott.

Carpets Vinyls Beds Curtains and blinds all in super showrooms with free and easy customer parking.

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