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Carpet Leicester, our thoughts. Carpet inspiration comes via different influences. Here are some Lounge carpet thoughts for you.


Brockway Carpets are updating their collection of Dimension twist pile carpet. The range was launched 2 years ago and Brockway carpet along with Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, are introducing brand new colours, aimed at the trending colours for 2018.

You will have seen some stunning curtain fabrics, that have been introduced this year. Carpets are now following the trends that those curtain fabrics have set.

Leading carpet manufacturers, like Brockway carpets, Brinton carpets, Ulster carpets have looked carefully at the best curtain fabric ideas. Brockway carpets have been the first to react, after Brinton carpets introduced new colours into their Bell Twist plain carpet range, earlier this year.

So, being inspired to find your brand new Lounge carpet, has just been made easier.

Trending colours – Carpet Leicester

The new carpet colours are excellent. Brintons introduced 6 new colours, to add to a brilliant range of carpet, which has sold well for over 50 years. Brinton carpets Bell Twist, has also been a bench mark of quality, in the industry, for all that time. It is also one of the few wilton carpets produced, for today’s discerning carpet buyers.

It is made of 80% wool and 20% nylon.

The yarn is made from 6 different wools, each one excellent. When spun together, with nylon, they help to make one of the toughest domestic qualities, that you can buy. In addition, this quality of wool carpet, is typical of the quality of carpet, that has given wool it’s name, as the best carpet to buy.

Price – Carpet Leicester

There are of course, many cheaper options of wool carpet available. However, if you want to consider these, please ask about the alternatives, that are made in Polypropylene, or, nylon.

There are some excellent carpets, which will compete on every level, with a cheaper wool one. The better man-made carpet fibres, will often out-perform the lighter quality wool carpets, that are made.


At Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, you will always find the very best advice and service. Helping you to understand the differences and advantages, of all the leading carpet ranges and carpet fibres, is an important task. Dalkard & Elliott are delighted to undertake it. Also, meeting your expectations, needs and desires, is a trade mark of Dalkard & Elliott carpets. Over 5 decades of providing excellent service, has made them the best carpet shop in Leicestershire. In addition, for four years running, Dalkard & Elliott, where voted the most professional carpet retailer in the UK, by all the leading carpet manufacturers.

So, for a taster of great advice, please read on….

New carpet ! What are you starting with?

How exciting if you are starting with a blank canvas! So, what carpet or flooring do you fancy?

Plain carpets are by far the most popular. The textures that are made in plain carpet, are very different and they will each offer you a distinct and a different ‘feel’ to a room.

Colour, is one of the first things to decide upon.

At the start – Carpet Leicester

Start by making a note of the colours you don’t like, it will help to clear your mind and slim down the options that you are going to see.

Already have have a favoured colour, that you want to use?

Then find a paint, or, some material, that has the colour in it, or on it. Describing colour is so tough to do!

Carpet Leicester

Also, think about the overall price, that you wish to pay. Coming in, with that in mind, plus some rough sizes, will help you select what is exactly right for you. Great advice, will help you buy the carpet, that you need. The right one, for wear and tear. The best one for colour and the ones that will meet your expectations. Carpet underlay, is also very important. Qualities vary enormously, so the best advice, is crucial here too.

Dalkard & Elliott’s award winning flooring service, will look after you every step of the way. Also, look at the different door bars, that you can buy.

There are metal ones, which cost between £7 and £40 per strip.

Wooden ones will cost you between £30 and £70 per strip.

They are a finishing detail, which will also make a real difference.

We will make sure that the right carpet fixings, are used around the edge of your room. They enable us to fit your carpet well and correctly.

Next for your new carpet

With your choices are made, fitting your carpet, is the next priority. Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet fitters are the best. It is rare that you will find fitters of their calibre anywhere. However, amazingly at Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, they are all under one roof.

See our testimonials

Disposing of your old floorings – Carpet Leicester

Dalkard & Elliott will vacuum your carpet down and leave your room, looking amazing and ready to use. Your old carpets and underlay, plus all the discarded bits of new carpet, packaging and rubbish, will also be taken away for you. We are proud to let you know, that 95.8% of the waste, collected from Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets, is recycled.


Carpet Leicester Carpet Leicester Carpet Leicester Carpet Leicester

You can pay by card (credit & debit) BACS, cheque and cash. However, we do not take payment by American Express.

After sales service

In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we promise to look after you. All our products and fitting are fully guaranteed. There truly is no better shop to go to for carpet in Leicester, than Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet Leicester

For enthusiastic and committed sales staff and service, you will be delighted with d&e

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