Lounge carpets at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester


Brinton carpets have just introduced a new range of simple patterned carpet, in today’s trending colours.

Lovely, classic and stylish tonal carpet designs, aimed at the discerning carpet buyer.

The price is £ 59.99 m2 and the quality is beautiful.

Dalkard & Elliott carpet Leicester, are among the very first in the country to have the samples, in store.

Call in and see them, feel them and be inspired by them.

Carpet design at it’s very best.

Brinton carpets are also introducing new colours into their flag-ship plain coloured, carpet range, Bell Twist.

New carpet colours to inspire you and to make your home, even more stunning.

The new colours will be introduced, this autumn.

Be the first to see them at Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester.


Lounge carpets at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Lounge carpets at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are easily found. So many colours and styles to select from and in addition the best service and advice on tap.Lounge flooring - Soft and luxurious carpet

Leicester carpet & flooring

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles have become more and more popular. Carpets, however, are still the most popular style of flooring. Probably because of our climate!

Warmth and softness are the two words most associated with lounge carpets. On cooler nights in winter, it is lovely is it to sink your toes into one!

Plain carpet is, by a long way, the most sort after. Patterned carpets are still used, however, in fewer and fewer circumstances. Plain carpet varies in price from as little as £7.99m2 up to £ 200.00m2. It was the rule that you would always pay more for a pattern carpet than a plain one. Due to demand plain carpet has the widest price points available.

How do I pick the right carpet for me?

Lounge carpets - twist pile carpet The first step is to find out what attracts your eye. Initially, it will be colour or style led.

Some colours, especially strong ones are found in fewer ranges. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets, do have the best selection to select from.

Stronger colours are most often found in the lounge carpets made to last a long time. Therefore, the price will be higher. You are likely to be looking at £30.00M2 and above, for your carpet.

The softer tones in carpet and fabrics are very popular indeed. So, in contrast, you will find these carpet colours in every price range.

We can now consider the style and texture of the lounge carpets. Carpets are made in short dense piles for extra tough wear and tear. Carpets are made in loop textures, carpets like these have a more rugged, woven, arguably chic look. However, if you have cats that like to pull at the carpets, they are a no, no!

Twist pile carpets

Twist pile carpets have been incredibly popular and are still many customers first choice.

They hide the foot marks and hoover marks, which a velvet carpet accentuates. A quality twist pile carpet from Dalkard & Elliott Leicester, will last for well for many years to come.

Velvet carpets

velvet, simple, classic. Less is more!

Smooth velvet styles are lovely to look at and offer a classic look to any home. In contrast to a twist pile carpet, or, loop piles carpets, velvet carpet is very smooth.

Gorgeous colours are offered to you in prices that range from £ 30m2 up to £ 80.00.  They can be far more expensive, if certain characteristics take your eye.


Carpets with softness, luxury and looks

‘Softies’  are almost as popular as the shag piles of the late seventies. Shag piled carpets needed to be raked. Very fortunately, the softer styled carpets that are available now, don’t!

Carpet shop Leicester

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester have the best and most varied range of soft carpets to pick from. There is every one of the best-known carpet manufactures ranges. In addition, you will find carpets made exclusively for Dalkard & Elliott Leicester.

These carpets are most often made from polypropylene and nylon. Wool versions of these carpets are available. However, these carpets will carry a higher price tag.

In man-made fibres, carpet made like these will cost you between £ 15m2 up to the £40.00m2 bracket.

Extra value at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester:

Lounge carpets - carpet remnant sales

One thing never to miss, are Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet roll end pieces. Stunning carpets available at amazing prices. Wool carpet, in room sized pieces at no more than £19.99m2. When you consider that the retail price point can be double that, these carpets are an absolute bargain.


Once you have picked the style and the colour that you fancy the choice becomes simple. All you need is good knowledgeable advice. At Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets, you will always get this and in abundance. There is over 150 combined years of experience. They will show you exactly the right carpet for your needs.


carpet knowledge and experienceUnderlay is so much more important than is often realised. It is hidden and very rarely seen after it is fitted.

However, just like the foundations of a house, the carpet underlay needs to be right.

PU carpet underlays, have taken the carpet market by storm.

The idea of the underlay came from space technology. A material was designed to recover after extreme pressures had been applied to it.

The need was to have a space between layers of protection, filled with a material that could be ‘squished’ to almost nothing, but then to fully recover.

Once developed, it had great application as a carpet underlay!

The quality of the products can vary, however, rest assured that Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets, only recommend and provide you, with the best of them.

A few years ago, rubber carpet underlays were considered, by most, to be unbeatable for most new carpets. Felt carpet underlay was very popular too and still works very well in some installations.

PU carpet underlay though, has proven to be long lasting, soft and very much to customers likes. As with every product, they vary in quality and price. Consequently, the price range is huge. However, at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets you will find just the best.

There is a PU carpet underlay for bedrooms only and three of the very best quality, for anywhere in the home.

Each feels slightly different and one will be just what you need!


Fitting is the most important part of any installation. All the best advice will not help you if the fitting isn’t done properly.

Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester fully guarantee every bit of the work carried out. First class fitters will fit your new carpet beautifully.

Neil, who has fitted for Dalkard & Elliott for almost 40 years is incredibly proud of the work Dalkard & Elliott do. “I would not work anywhere else” says Neil.

It pays great testament to Steve and Stuart Elliott, that there staff have all served the company for many years. Neil has worked for Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets for all of his working life and he enjoys every day.

After sales service

The service is first class and backed up every time by all the manufacturers that Dalkard & Elliott Leicester deal with.

Dalkard & Elliott won the carpet manufacturers award for the most professional carpet business in the UK for four years running. An amazing feat.

Dalkard & Elliott are a family run business. Steve and Stuart Elliott are in charge and their morals and company ethos are amazing.

To see new lounge carpets, there really is only one place that you need to go.

Dalkard & Elliott Carpets Leicester.

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott


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