Making your carpet and curtains fun!

Help with making your carpet and curtains fun – Dalkard & Elliott

Carpet and Curtains - Dalkard & Elliott

Results and job satisfaction can come in many different ways. Initially when you start to look at carpets or curtain ranges the choice seems endless and tough to decide, but it really isn’t!

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester look to help to make the process fun. They have expertise in abundance and the flair to make your room look fabulous in carpet or curtain or both!!

Carpets and curtains are the finishing touches to your rooms. Carpets are now mainly plain ones and come in so many colours that you couldn’t ‘shake a stick at them’. However, help is at hand!! There are a few basic things to get clear right at the start of the journey.

Firstly understand your needs for a carpet and whether that is made from wool or from manmade fibres. This decision is sometimes as much of a preference as it is made on budget.

Next consider the use the carpet will get and roughly how long you need it to last for.

After that the choice is the colour and texture in your carpet. Suddenly you will be looking at a much more refined selection of carpet that meets your needs and your expectations. You will need a bit of good advice to make sure that the choice of carpet or flooring is right for you and that is where Dalkard & Elliott stand completely head and shoulders above the competition.

With over 200 years combined experience, knowledge and passion in what they do d&e never fail to impress you.

Curtain fabrics come in all sorts of colour in plains and patterns. Furthermore, new collections come out at least twice a year from all the top manufactures which is truly inspiring.

Made to measure curtains, Roman blinds and voiles are available in amazing fabrics. You will have a leaning towards certain manufacturers because of their brand and style. A quick look through the curtain books normally sees you slimming down the choice of curtain fabric to a range of design and colour that really appeals. If you are selecting your new carpet with new curtains you will be able to match these together in the store and then at home.

Making your carpet and curtains fun! – Carpet and Curtains – Dalkard & Elliott

If you have existing carpet and can bring a little noggin of it in with you it helps a lot. Carrying a colour in your head is hard, even if you have lived with it for years! A sample of what you are working around is a great starting place and when you begin to focus down on that special pair of curtains that you want to have made, it makes it so much easier to decide.

Carpet and Curtains - Dalkard & Elliott

Dalkard and Elliott Leicester have loved carpet, curtains and floorings for over 5 decades and the enthusiasm in the store is refreshing and enlightening. The fitters are excellent and all of them have specialised in what they do and achieve for many years.

The curtain makers are all ladies who pride themselves in the quality of the finished result. Everyone who works for the company lives in the Leicester and Rutland area. Steve Elliott believes that it is very important to employ local skills and craftsmen. It provides an unbeatable back up.

Having a shop like Dalkard & Elliott to go to is a blessing. It is absolutely possible to select a carpet or a curtain fabric with the peace of mind that no matter how much needs to be done to achieve the end result that Dalkard & Elliott have the skills and knowledge to do it.

Making your carpet and curtains fun! – Carpet and Curtains – Dalkard & Elliott

The shop is easily found and if the traffic is good, the shop is just 5 minutes drive from Fosse Park. Parking is available to all customers immediately outside the front doors and in their carpark at the side of the building.

Once inside the shop you will find a showroom full of ideas and it is very nicely laid out. You have room to stand back and look at your selection plus plenty of tea and coffee to drink too!

To book an appointment at home for a measure and consultation pleased ring the shop line 01162 555043 and speak to Amanda, Tim , Stuart or Steve and they will make a day and a time to see you. There is a huge choice in the shop so to make sure that you see everything you might like to consider, pop down to the shop first.

Have a chat with an expert and start having fun deciding!!!

Dalkard & Elliott

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