Making a Difference with Moduleo Vinyl floooring


We are the largest stockist of Moduleo vinyl flooring, in Leicestershire. It is one of our most popular products.

We offer a full, professional survey and installation service

However, we are aware that many people like to fit vinyl flooring themselves.

Internet prices

So, to help you obtain your flooring from a local supplier, we give you the best supply only prices on all Moduleo vinyl flooring.

Please call us!

Making a difference with Moduleo. Installations of new flooring are incredibly satisfying to do. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester ensure that you are looked after from start to finish. The fitting of new flooring creates a lasting impression and a finish to last for many years to come.

LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tiles) from Moduleo helps in making your room look amazing. You will find it warm, washable and extremely durable. Children love it to play on and parents can relax with it. It is fantastic if you have pets and it looks fabulous.

The photo’s on here were taken by our customer using their phone camera. They very kindly forwarded them along with a note of thanks.


They show our fitters  installing the Moduleo after the exacting preparation on the sub-floor had been done. Moduleo requires the sub-floor to be smoothed in order to fit to it. This is achieved using ply-wood across wooden floorboards or a water based screed over a concrete sub-floor.

Once the smoothing is done the new LVT, Moduleo in this case, can be fitted.

It is really important that wood effects like this one are fitted straight when they are run down the length of the room. It is an option to have Moduleo and other LVT floorings like Project Flooring, fitted diagonally as well.

Experienced fitters are an absolute must when fitting Moduleo LVT and Dalkard & Elliott’s fitters are excellent.

fitting of Moduleo

Fitting the planks in this Moduleo flooring has to look right as you look down the room and across the fireplace too. Sounds simple doesn’t it!? However, what house is ever built with straight walls! Knowing how to create the best floor for you a challenge that Dalkard & Elliott Leicester love.

Almost there


Moving furniture is something that we are very willing to do. Tell us what you need us to deal with and it will be done with pleasure. The area needs to clear of furniture if you want a floor like this one from Moduleo fitted. Especially so, if the sub-floor is a concrete one.

Great look

The room looks fantastic now that all the furniture is back in place. It is so hard to think what it looked like before.
Home improvement with Dalkard & Elliott

It is a lifestyle choice to select and to want to live with a hard flooring. Moduleo is a great flooring and a lovely quality. Moduleo is not a cold floor and it resists wear and tear incredibly well. In addition, it is a washable flooring and easy to maintain.

Moduleo is probably the most comprehensive range of quality LVT available. Because it fits so well in the UK market place you may not need to look any further. However, choice is good so Dalkard & Elliott’s LVT collection also includes Project flooring and Natural Solutions.

Two great alternatives and just maybe they have something that you might prefer!

Since you only need to look and to find out, why not pop in?

In addition, Dalkard & Elliott Leicester will complete a full survey of the work that you need to be done. This will make sure that everything is considered.

However, if it is a flooring that you can prepare for and fit yourself, they will give you great supply only prices.

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott

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