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Kitchen VinylGetting solid, good advice before choosing a kitchen flooring is so important.
Dalkard & Elliott make sure that they understand your needs and what you want to achieve. Helping with coordinating your flooring to your kitchen units and blinds.
High quality and hard-wearing Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a great option for many of our customers. This this superb product will last a very long time and it will look amazing!
Vinyl sheet flooring is a great alternative when you are looking for a shorter term flooring. The right qualities will last a long time and the range is huge. In addition the price options give you a very flexible spend.

Completely washable, vinyl floors are just as easy to clean. Hence making it a great choice for a kitchen and utility room.
Choose your quality and price and we’ll help you choose exactly the right product.

Visit our showroom today or call 0116 255 5043 for advice on choosing Kitchen Vinyl flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles.