Dalkard and Elliott Leicester – Lounge Vinyl & LVT

Lounge VinylDalkard & Elliott Leicester stock  Moduleo flooring, Project Flooring, Earthwerks and Natural Solutions collections of Luxury Vinyl.
Every style is available in a fantastic range of finishes in stone and wood effects.

Your living space will look stunning in the look of traditional flooring.

In addition all these floors are a highly practical.
So much warmer than laminate and most of all, very durable.
Classic styles of wood that are fitted in straight plank and herringbone fashion, are simply perfect for your lounge.

Vinyl planks

Vinyl & LVT flooring complements wood and leather furniture beautifully. It creates a timeless space for you and allows you to peacefully unwind.
Very suitable for large families and pets, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)  are easily cleaned.
They are completely waterproof and as a result, it is so simple to maintain.
You may need some work carrying out to prepare the sub-floor, before the Vinyl or LVt can be fitted.

If you room has floorboards, we will need to fit ply-wood over the boards, to give you the perfect base to lay your new flooring to.
If your sub-floor is made of concrete, it is very likely that the room will need to be screeded smooth.
Dalkard & Elliott will make sure that all the tests are taken out, to make sure that you have a trouble free installation. With over 50 years of fitting experience, there really is nothing that we haven’t been able to do, so far!
The fitting is 1st class and our attention to detail so excellent.
The cost of you flooring will start from super qualities at £ 70.00 m2 all the way to £ 13.99 m2

Dalkard & Elliott will call out and carry out a full survey of the areas you want to have fitted. As a result your new flooring will be perfectly supplied and fitted. In addition, if you fancy fitting the flooring yourself, Dalkard & Elliott will also  supply you everything that you need at great supply only prices.

Match your flooring to our extensive range of stylish drapes, curtains and blinds.  and enjoy making it special!

Visit our Leicester showroom today or call 0116 255 5043 for advice on choosing Lounge Vinyl flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tiles for your Lounge.