Is patterned carpet still relevant in today’s market?

Q: Are patterned carpets still relevant in today’s market?

A: Patterned carpets in Leicester and Leicestershire are still easily found at Dalkard & Elliott carpet, curtains beds and blinds.

Q: Is there still a high demand for patterned carpeting?

A: In terms of the overall market, no. Pattern carpeting represents less than 10% of the whole flooring market.

Great carpet manufacturers, indeed the best in the world, are alive and well in the UK.
Carpet Manufacturers, Brinton, Ulster, Whitestone Weavers, Axminster, Hugh Mackay are fantastic at producing high quality, woven Axminster carpet.

Each of those manufacturers listed above, use the best wools and products in their carpets. 80% wool with 20% nylon is the preferred fibre mix. Axminster carpets however, still have their collection produced in pure wool. A Pure wool carpet has amazing resilience. It is a very cleanable flooring and the wool keeps its shape well. Making a quality pure wool carpet, results in a flooring that will perform so well in every home. Carpets produced in 80% wool and 20% nylon are a slightly harder wearing. All the tests prove that a carpet made with this mix of fibre, will outlast a pure wool carpet.

Q: Why choose a pure wool carpet?

A: patterned carpets - wool carpet and dalkard & Elliott leicesterTo the touch, pure wool is lovely. It is a warm and soft flooring fibre. Other advantages include great appearance retention. A good wool carpet fibre will absorb the moisture in the air and literally, spring back. Pet hairs come away from a pure wool carpet easily. Pure wool carpets are very good to use with open fires. If a piece of coal should spit out of the fire, or a lump of wood fall onto the carpet, the wool will singe, not burn. This means that if you can remove the hot coal or wood quickly, you will simply remove any charred fibre. There will be very little or no evidence of damage.

Hoovering a wool carpet is important, as with any carpet. The added advantage of pure wool, is that it will release a lot of dirt, which on man-made fibre carpet would have to be wiped out, not just hoovered away. A wool carpet does have a price premium with it. If the cost fits within your budget, you will have a flooring  that is made to last and to enjoy.

Q: Why Choose 80% wool 20% nylon?

A: There are three main reasons to consider carpets made with this mix of carpet fibre. Firstly, wear and tear. The 20% of nylon in the mix, adds wear-ability. Nylon is a tough and it is harder wearing than wool.
Secondly, cost. No well made patterned flooring will be inexpensive. So, reducing the amount of wool and adding nylon reduces cost.
Thirdly: Choice. Because all but one carpet manufacturers produce carpets in 80% wool 20% nylon, there is so much more choice of carpets to select from.
Be rest assured that every well-made, patterned flooring will be a perfect choice. Each one will wear well, look great and last for many years to come. Real value for money!

Pattern carpets are only a small percentage of the total sales of flooring.

patterned carpets - caroet at dalkarde & ElliottBrinton carpets especially, are making carpet in designs that more reflect the styles of today. Brinton’s have worked hard to create carpet designs which offer something different. Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester deal with every major manufacturer, they offer the best of their choices and have the expertise and fitters to install your floor, with the right underlay every time. Perhaps the question ought to be: Are patterned carpets a style to consider? It is true that patterned carpets are not everyone’s first choice. However, there are stunning designs to consider. Traditional woven designs all the way into something as daring as Timorous Beasties. Timorous Beasties is a great collection. If you dare to be different! Fitting patterned carpets requires skills which not every fitter has in his kit bag. Every fitter at Dalkard & Elliott is trained to the highest standards.

Leicester carpet & flooring

Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester have the best reputation for service and quality. Have a quick look at our testimonials. Your new underlay is incredibly important. You need the right underlay for you, your floor and for your carpet. Dalkard & Elliott will make sure that your new carpeting has everything that it needs.

patterned carpets - dalkard & elliott LeicesterYou can stain-guard the carpet too for just £2.50 m2. Added piece of mind!
Wool and wool/nylon Patterned carpets start at around the £45m2 bracket and they will fly up to £90.00m2

The price range is high, but it’s value is in the retained looks and longevity.

Dalkard & Elliott carpets have over 150 years of combined flooring experience in sales. Dalkard & Elliott carpets have over 200 years of combined fitting experience. After sales service is equally as important as pre-sales service. At Dalkard & Elliott you will have all of this given willingly and personally.

Steve, Stu, Tim, Amanda, Mike and Neil are an amazing sales team.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester Carpets, Beds, Curtains, Blinds and Flooring.

Thank you for reading,
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