Prestigious Textiles at Dalkard & Elliott Curtains Leicester

Prestigious Textiles, Leicester- Dalkard & Elliott

Prestigious Textiles and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are very proud to be able to show you PT’s new curtain and fabric collections. Available for spring 2017. Both companies are well established and very well regarded for what they do. PT have become a major force in curtain fabrics. Dalkard & Elliott are Leicester’s and Leicestershire’s leading and most respected curtain, carpet and floorcovering retailer. Since Ken and Nina Elliott opened the business in 1963.

PT have crafted new beautiful curtains and fabulous fabrics which offer you great style, colours and textures. Colours are now finding there way back into our rooms and lives. Within these new collections you will see fabulous and creative ideas to play with. Ideas with which to create your new schemes.

Simple rules can always be used when you are looking to makeover your room into something fresh and inspiring. Rules for designing spacious interiors are simple. Using lighter, paler tones of colour. In selecting designs for your curtain fabric that are more contemporary or classically styled but simple and less colourful. Mirrors are always good to use and help to create the illusion of space. Plus good lighting is always a bonus. These rules will apply and will work in any room, large or small.

Prestigious Textiles at Dalkard & Elliott Curtains Leicester

Carpet in paler colours may need a bit of TLC when used in a lounge or in an area where carpet will take a reasonable amount of footfall and use. To help the appearance retention of the carpet it is very possible to apply a stain protector to a wool carpet and now that the treatment to the carpet is a water based one the success of applying the treatment to a carpet is a very successful one. It makes it possible to enjoy your new carpet and to use it well.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester offer a carpet stain guard treatment at just £ 2.50 m2.

This treatment for wool carpets is extremely good. It is possible to have and to pay extra for a guarantee with the product but as everyone now has accidental cover on their home policies there is little point in paying twice to cover the carpets in your home. However, if you would like to consider the stain-guard guarantee for your carpets please ask. Steve, Stuart, Tim Mike or Amanda will be very happy to discuss the details with you.

Curtain fabrics from PT have helped to create thousands of new rooms and their curtain collection ranges vary in price from as little as £ 11 per lin. metre to £ 70.00 per lin. metre. If you would like your new curtains to be beautifully hand sewn and made by professional and high quality curtain makers then Dalkard & Elliott’s curtain service in Leicester is exactly the one that you need.

Curtains can be professionally hung too with a full curtain track fitting service. There is an extensive and inspiring range of curtain poles and tracks to select from.

Prestigious Textiles at Dalkard & Elliott Curtains Leicester

One of the most popular curtain tracks on the market at the moment is the Metropole. Metroploe curtain tracks have created a curtain track that can shaped and moulded to fit a bay window. The exact sizes need to be taken and that is where Dalkard & Elliott Leicester can easily help you. There is no issue in making sure that your track will both fit perfectly and that it will work exactly as is needed with whatever weight of curtain fabric you select. The curtain tracks can be corded or un-corded.

If you select a curtain fabric that is light and delicate a corded Metropole track is an ideal solution in avoiding thePrestigious Textiles at Dalkard & Elliott Curtains Leicester curtain fabric getting dirty or crushed in anyway. To manhandle a delicate curtain fabric, even if you are very very careful will cause some issues over time. Curtain fabrics that are light in colour are bound to get grubby where they are tugged at when that curtains are opened and closed.

Some curtain fabrics are easily creased too, so a corded track for your curtains like the Metropole one is a wonderful way of making sure that your curtains last as long as is possible, keeping them looking new and fresh for you to enjoy everyday.

Pretigious Textiles, Metropole and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester Carpets, Curtains and Floorcoverings are a winning combination!

Dalkard & Elliott

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