Relyon Beds Leicester Wigston

A Relyon bed and mattress, from the very first time you set eyes on one, conjures a truly magical experience and you immediately notice the excellence of its design and the careful consideration to detail.

Most of all by laying on it, you appreciate its luxurious comfort and splendid support.

Merging the best qualities in shape and in purpose shows us exactly why Relyon beds are hailed as one of the best beds in the world.

Stop press

Relyon beds and Dalkard & Elliott beds and mattresses are pleased to announce the introduction of 3 brand new Relyon beds mattresses.

The three mattresses, priced at £ 799.00, £ 899.00 and £ 999.00 respectively, bring in a new range of product for Relyon beds.

With the same, great manufacturing ethos, Relyon beds have made their portfolio very much more complete.

Offering quality, mattresses for your bed at incredibly competitive prices.

Real value for  money.

Call in to see and feel them for yourselves.

Dalkard & Elliott chose its bed partners very carefully. Hence the manufacturers ethos as a business needs to align with Dalkard & Elliott’s. As much as that, synergy in every alliance is incredibly important in also giving the customer the peace of mind. Knowing, as a result,  that there is 100% back up of the products and services offered.Relyon Beds Leicester Wigston

The promise to please comes with the ranges on display in arguably the best showroom in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Most note worthily the flooring and carpet range is second to none. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are one of the few companies who employ their own fitters.

The curtain fabrics and the making up are excellent. Hence, it is a highly recommended service.  Beds form a big part of their portfolio and also keeping their promise to being relevant to today’s consumer.

The display for Relyon beds has a lovely story built into it. Especially relevant is a video which shows how meticulously each bed mattress is made. In addition, by watching it, you will also fully appreciate the thought and the effort given in producing a high-quality mattress and bed.

A different approach

Give yourself some time to relax and enjoy buying your new bed in a dedicated showroom. You will enjoy the process and feel less rushed.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep

The firmness of your mattress is very important.  It therefore needs to be just right for your body. As a consequence each Relyon mattress and bed is available in three degrees of firmness. The beds base will help to achieve what you need for a good night’s sleep and add extra firmness or softness, if you require it.

Most of all buying a new bed or mattress is always an exciting project. Especially if it is for yourself, the anticipation of the bed arriving after it is made and then the joy of laying on it for the first time at home is hard to forget.

Buying your new bed or mattress for a son or a daughter? First of all you will want to know that they are going to be able to enjoy what you are going to buy. As a result the  bed or mattress needs to offer value for money and  something a little more special about it, than perhaps the spare bed for the occasional visitor.

At Dalkard & Elliott Leicester you find enough great choice to fulfil your needs. Furthermore, beds start from £399.00, for a double bed, all the way up to £2500.00. Also, mattresses or a headboards can be purchased seperately!

Relyon Beds Leicester Wigston

New beginning

It was sad to see Leicester lose the Fenwick’s store. Relyon beds sold very well there, almost  £500,000  purchased every year.

Consequently, Relyon beds have been looking for another retailer that can offer their beds in Leicester. As a result Relyon beds are now very pleased to have become a partner of Dalkard & Elliott Leicester. In addition the two companies have huge trading success and are highly regarded.

Therefore o help make the most of this partnership Relyon Beds and Dalkard & Elliott beds have come up with some deals for this year’s Black Friday sales. Check them out!!

With amazing deals offering up to 50% MRRP. Why wait for January!!?


Parking in the Leicester City centre is expensive and not always stress free. Hence, why not pop down to look at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester? There is free customer parking right outside the door and in their car park right alongside the showrooms.

There is easy wheelchair and disabled access via the car park.

Steve, Stuart, Amanda, Tim and Mike will be very happy to see you. They are there to help you through the process of buying your new carpet, flooring, curtains or beds always with a smile.

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott

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