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Brilliant choice of Relyon beds

Relyon beds leicester – Buying a Relyon bed and mattress at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is a relaxing experience. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester have the best selling Relyon mattresses and beds on display in their Aylestone Lane showrooms. You will be given the time and space to choose your dream bed and with d&e’s brilliant reputation, you will sleep very soundly, indeed!





Our Relyon bed display, includes 4 brand new mattresses.

They offer the quality of craftsmanship that Relyon are proud to maintain.

Real value for money

These mattresses are priced at £799.00, £ 899.00, £ 999.00 and £1099.00 for a double mattresses with divan and 2 free drawers! Other sizes are available

Relyon have made sure that the mattresses offer you real value for money against all of their competitors. We immediately recognised that and have them on display, for you to enjoy trying out.


Easy access

There is easy accessible access straight off the side of our main car park. This entrance, takes you almost immediately into the bed showroom

There is also parking at the front of the shop.

This is free parking for all of our customers.

Beds Leicestershire

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester beds and mattresses also include Harrison Spinks beds. Harrison Spinks are another brilliant bed and mattress manufacturer. Plus, Relyon beds leicester and  Harrison beds are made here in the UK.

Relyon manufacture in Somerset and Harrison beds are made in Leeds.

What should you consider first when buying a bed mattress?

relyon beds leicester - Harrison beds at Dalkard & elliott

The start of you journey should begin by understanding the difference between mattresses and beds made in natural fibres. How exactly, that they will help to give you the best night’s sleep that you can enjoy.

Natural fillings will help you to feel incredibly comfortable. By keeping you just warm enough. In addition, helping you to sweat less at night time, than any memory foam mattress.

Take a look at this video for an insight into your new bed

Relyon and Harrison beds both offer you pocket sprung mattresses that give you wonderful support. If you have experienced how pocket sprung mattresses work with your body, it is unlikely that you will ever select anything different.

If you haven’t enjoyed a Relyon or Harrison bed mattress yet, I urge you to pop in and ‘feel’ the difference.


In Dalkard & Elliott’s Leicester beds and mattress deparment, you will find silk, wool. cotton, mohair, cashmere, flax, hempure, and also horsehair.

First of all, natural fibres like hempure, flax and horse hair help to wick away moisture quickly. Mattresses and beds made by Relyon beds and Harrison beds are designed to breathe well. As you move, the bed breathes, allowing the moisture to evaporate easily and fast. Great for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Silk, wools and cotton are used for the softness and warmth that you will always enjoy from a good mattress.

The quantity and mix of all these fibres vary from manufacture to manufacture. You can rest in the knowledge that both Relyon and Harrison use the best mixes and that they do not skimp!

What’s Next?

relyon beds leicester

Find out which firmness that you love. You can select from a gentle, medium or firm support. One of them will be perfect for you.

In Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s display you will find the different firmness to try out on display. You will be amazed how different they are and how right, the right firmness is for you!

Finally, settle yourself into the mattresses and enjoy realising how they feel to you. It will take you 15-20 minutes to make the decision. However, it might take you a little longer. If you fancy a cup of tea or coffee whilst you think about it, D&E will be very pleased to make you one.

If you want a bed mattress that you can feel snuggled in, try a Pillow Top mattress. Comfortable to an extreme and made because you like to feel that you are ‘in’ the mattress rather than on top of it.

This is where natural fibres make a huge difference. Probably, the most soft, luxurious and very temperate.

Memory foam mattresses are indeed popular but are very warm and sometimes,probably too hot. Natural fibres and latex are fantastic in helping to keep you comfortable through the night.

A pocket sprung bed mattress is perfect for keeping you beautifully supported. There are beds still made with the older style Bonnell springs. In their day they were the best available. They have now been surpassed by a long way.

Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester have beds and mattresses of all the different types for you to try. So make an informed choice and the outcome will very probably be,  just as you dream it to be!

You have decided on the firmness and the type of mattress

Next, enjoy trying out all the different beds and mattresses on display. You will be pleasantly surprised how different they all are. Buying the right bed mattress and bed is an important and a considered choice. The bed and mattress will last you for many years to come. The right one will therefore make a real improvement in the quality of your sleep.

A good night’s rest makes such a wonderful difference.

Bed and mattress sizes

Single beds     90 x 190

Doubles beds                       120 or 135 x 190

King size beds                     150 x 190

Super king  beds                  180 x 200

If you are looking for a king, super king or anything larger, consider a ‘Zip & Link’ bed mattress. A zip & link bed mattress allows you to have 2 types of firmness, so that one that is right for you and one that is right for your partner. In addition, you can turn and flip the bed mattress far more easily. A large bed mattress has a big weight to it!

Bespoke sizes:

In addition, you can have your new Relyon bed and mattress made to your specific requirements. There will be an uplift in cost but whatever you want can be made. So please ask Dalkard & Elliott Leicester beds for details and prices. Steve, Stuart, Tim or Amanda will be very pleased to help.

You now have the right bed mattress and the most comfortable one for you to sleep on and enjoy.

 If you already own a flat top divan or base, it may be that you only need a new bed mattress. However, if you would like a new one, have a look at the divan bases on offer. Relyon cover their bases in lovely fabrics. A great colour range is available to select from.

Plus, if you are colouring your room around a new scheme, think about a matching headboard and bed divan. Stunning looks and styles in headboards improve the looks of you.

Should your divan be a sprung top one, check carefully the shape and condition of it. However, if you are unsure, please ask. It is important that you have a good base for your new bed mattress.

Mattress protection

An absolute must in my opinion. There are many mattress protectors on the market. Some good, some bad. So, I have chosen the very best for you to buy, with a full twelve-year guarantee.

Get a stain on your new bed mattress and if the mark will not come out, you will have a new mattress. No quibble.

Time to order!

Dalkard & Elliott will help you all the way. Buying a new bed and mattress in Leicester is so easily when done at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester  beds. Always great advice, service with a smile and fantastic back up.

We will deliver your new Relyon mattress and bed for you.

In addition, we can take away your old bed mattress too. We give you a large plastic bag, which we need you to place your old bed mattress in it and seal it up securely.

This allows us to transport your old mattress, which is now classified as hazardous waste, away for disposal.  There is a charge of £39.99 for this service.

You new bed mattress will be made specially for you by Relyon Beds and delivered directly to our store in Leicester.

When placing your order, we take your payment at the same time. The normal delivery time is 4-5 weeks.

Important to do when your new Relyon bed and mattress is at home – relyon beds leicester

For the first 12 weeks, it is vital that you turn your bed mattress once a week and in addition, flip it very second week.

The importance of doing this is two-fold. It makes sure that your guarantee for the beds mattress is upheld and that any settlement, is even.

After this time, still remember to carry out turning and flipping your beds mattress as often as you would like to but at least every 3 months.

It will help you receive the full value from your bed and mattress.

Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester are very proud of their association with Relyon beds and mattresses.

Relyon and Dalkard & Elliott have a similar ethos and there is great synergy because of that.

Beds Leicester store

Come to Dalkard & Elliott Beds Leicester and enjoy buying your new bed and mattress!! Beds Carpets Curtains Blinds and Flooring

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