Sanderson fabrics, wallpapers and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Sanderson fabrics, wallpapers and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Sanderson fabrics

Great ideas come from great collaborations. Sanderson Fabrics and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are one such team.

Colours and inspiration are at your beck and call. Ideas like blending coral and blue brings a sophisticated, Mediterranean mood to your home.

You can select curtain fabric in a tone of Coral which is synonymous with spring and summer. Furthermore, by then combining it with blue in carpet, flooring or paint, gives it an all year round appeal.

To give your room a captivating coral hue with a contemporary colour splash. Incorporate shades of mint, it’s a complementary shade to both coral and grey. You can introduce this colour in curtain fabrics that make lovely cushions if you like. However, mint carpet is not so easy to find. So to soften the coral palette with a new carpet, how about using a cream carpet in a textured finish?

Carpets like these always look fabulous in well lit rooms that help to show off the texture of a carpet perfectly.

As spring slips into summer, your thoughts turn to spending time outdoors. From weekend walks over open fields to magic times spent sitting by the river. Listening to wildlife and soaking in the sun. Everyone of us is inspired by the beauty and smells of nature.

As a nation of garden lovers we have fallen in love with the great outdoors. Beautiful stately homes with their amazing and wonderful manicured grounds inspire each of us.

Sanderson fabrics, wallpapers and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Filling our pots and wall hangers with an array of flowers and shrubs which help to bring the outdoors in. Our gardens are a beautiful part of our homes. They have become both functional and spectacular. Furthermore, many of us have learnt how to make this reflect our personalities. Are an expression of our individuality!

Sanderson have created stunning curtain fabrics from all of these ideas for you to take advantage of. Dalkard & Elliott create curtains, cushions and throws from these fabrics and help to transform rooms. Furthermore, with carpets, curtains and blinds all under one roof. It makes you selections so much easier and enjoyable.

Using the splendour of our landscapes is nothing new. ‘Capability’ Brown has for many years been lauded for his creations in country estates. As well as, gardens and parklands amazingly started way back in the 18th Century.

Arguably Capability is the most famous garden designer in history, his imagination allowed him to see elegance in moving hills and in using key positions for ponds and lakes. He used these eye catching features in order to create new and beautiful spaces that not only are a splendour for the eye to see but they are also a pragmatic solution for the needs of the home too.

Sanderson fabrics

Sanderson fabrics Salad days cushion was inspired by an archived piece of document dating back to 1938 that showed fresh spring flowers. It encapsulates the country garden in a serene and simple way.
To replicate what you have outdoors on the inside of your home take a look at Maycott from Sandersons Home curtain fabric and wallpaper collection. Fresh floral curtain fabrics and wallpaper that will look good now and for many years to come. Timeless.

Sanderson fabrics, wallpapers and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester have a huge array of carpets and floorings to suit this range of curtain fabric. Sandersons have made themselves into the most respected curtain fabric manufacturer of this style and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester can make them into the most beautiful and fetching curtains, Roman blinds and cushions.

Carpets can be use to harmonise with these curtain fabrics or you can have a carpet which contrasts sharply with them. Just as in natured garden where there will always be a plethora of colour.

If you fancy an LVT vinyl flooring to provide a ‘wooden’ backdrop on your floor take a look in Dalkard & Elliott at the great range of Moduleo and Project Flooring. Carpets are lovely, warm and soft but sometimes you need something for a room which has a rustic chic look which only a ‘wood look’ can give you.

The great thing is that at Dalkard & Elliott’s Leicester shop and showrooms you will find the very best choices in carpets, curtain fabrics, floorings and wallpapers. Advice in abundance and a back up service which is the envy of the carpet and curtain trade.

Sanderson fabrics, wallpapers and Dalkard & Elliott Leicester

Sanderson fabrics are a long established partner of Dalkard & Elliott Leicester. Sandersons have expanded their collections to include the Sanderson Hoime range of curtain fabric and wallpapers and they compliment very well the vast selection of carpets and floorings that Dalkard & Elliott have for you too see in store at their shop in Leicester and at your home. Anywhere within the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland areas.

Dalkard & Elliott

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