Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks at Dalkard & Elliott

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks at Dalkard & Elliott

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks - Dalkard & Elliott

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole tracks are a stylish and contemporary curtain pole system made from aluminium. The Metropole functions like a curtain track but looks like a curtain pole. Therefore, they are perfect to hang your curtains from and have a great contemporary look which suits every home

The corded version is a valuable option when fabric is delicate or light in colour. It helps to avoid crushing and soiling fabrics such as silk.

A Metropole track is a brilliant way of displaying your curtains. Also, if you have the corded version of the track your curtains will look amazing for a long, long time!

The pole features nylon gliders that run in siliconised, aluminium channels unhindered by brackets or rings. Therefore, if you select a curtain fabric which is thick luxurious and heavy in weight for your curtains will always be easy to draw .

If you are considering a new curtain track and curtains for you bay window it is really important to have an accurate measurement. Metropole require a measurement taken exactly and a template created for them. Dalkard & Elliott have a dedicated service which operates very closely with Metropole to make sure of the perfect fit.

If your new curtains are to be ‘puddled’ onto the floor, which is always sumptuous and warm looking to the eye. Or, if you fancy having your new curtains barley touching the carpet or the flooring you have. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester will make sure that everything fits just as it should.

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks – Dalkard & Elliott

Carpets, curtains and floorings have made Dalkard & Elliott the number one destination shop in Leicester and Leicestershire. Steve, Tim, Amanda and Stuart continually strive to make your shopping experience a great one.

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks - Dalkard & Elliott

Since opening in 1963 this family run business has prided itself in maintaining a great and unbeatable reputation. Carpets are expertly measured and fitted across the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Made to measure curtains, tracks and poles have been supplied and fitted in the to every suburb of Leicester!

Recommendation still provides the most new customers for Dalkard & Elliott and that is a amazing fact.

It is possible to fit your own tracks and poles. But if you would like the fitting service provided by Dalkard & Elliott just ring. They will very pleased to help you in every way possible.

There are many different styles of tracks and poles to have fitted. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your selection will look as you want it to. And to work in fashion that you need it to talk to Dalkard & Elliott. They will make sure that your made to measure curtains or voile will hang perfectly.

No matter whereabouts you live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland Dalkard & Elliott’s service is available to you.

Curtains that are made to measure hang very differently to ones that are machine made and handmade curtains will always dress your window beautifully. The better the track, the better the look and the more completely your window will be finished.

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks – Dalkard & Elliott

There is always an overall budget that has to be worked to and Dalkard & Elliott provide you with a very complete and comprehensive product range in both price and in quality across their very broad range.

In carpets they deal with all the leading manufacturers, in curtains d&e are the leading suppliers of major manufacturers like Harlequin, PT, Clarke and Clarke and Sanderson.

Silent Gliss Corded Metropole Tracks - Dalkard & Elliott

Wallpapers are also in Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s offering. There are so many lovely ranges of curtain fabrics to select from and lots and lots of these have coordinating wallpapers to go with them!!

If you are considering new carpets or floorings with your new curtains, Dalkard & Elliott are truly a one stop shop.

If you need help at home anywhere in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Tim, Amanda Steve or Stuart will call out and see you. It is great to discuss curtain ideas in your home and to sometimes discover ideas that can make a real difference. Carpet is a very tactile thing and being able to see and feel them in your on home makes all the difference.

It makes it so much easier to select colour and stlye at home and Dalkard & Elliott will always make sure that you can see every bit of carpet, curtain and floorcovering sample that you need to in your own home.

For great service on carpets, curtains and floorcoverings in Leicester you need look no further!

Dalkard & Elliott

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