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Carpet @dalkard&elliottThe Smart Choice carpets at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is a great collection of carpets and flooring. Customers buy the heaviest quality wool/nylon twist pile carpets from it. Clients also buy the carpet for the spare bedroom from it too.

It is a versatile and competitive range of carpet and flooring. Often you have no need to look any further to select exactly what you want to buy. The price range starts from £7.99 m2 all the way up to £ 89.00 m2, with steps all the way

Colours of carpet and flooring are so very up to date. Once again, this is reflected in the Smart Choice carpet collection. Shades of beautiful stone coloured beiges, greys in every tone, creams, beiges and what Dalkard & Elliott Leicester term as ‘greige’. Gorgeous grey/beiges. These shades beautifully go with Little Greene Paints 

Smart Choice Carpet Collection – Style

The most popular style of carpet is a plain carpet. Leicester is very much with the national average of this trend buying close to 90% of plain carpet in our homes.

Dalkard & Elliott twist pile

Twist pile plain carpet is very likely 50% of this 90% majority. Plain coloured twist pile is the term used to describe the texture that is spun into the yarn. It gives a robust finish which helps to resist the flattening. It also hides the foot marks and hoover marks that are evident in other finishes. (Velvet and plush pile carpets, which I shall touch on later).

Dalkard & Elliott’s Smart Choice Carpets Collection therefore has a fantastic range of twist pile carpet to consider. Selecting the one that you want is made easier with a bit of advice. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is a company full of experienced and friendly staff. Steve Elliott, Stuart Elliott, Tim, Amanda, Mike and Neil are all on hand to help.

When considering the colour of your carpet, look at what you already must work with. It may be your suite, or curtains, or perhaps the fireplace. Whatever it is, please bring in a bit of fabric, a cushion or something that matches the colour you want to match or work with.

Beautiful colours to go with beautiful carpet
With a client that is buying new curtain fabric at the same time as carpets or flooring, Dalkard & Elliott have experts on hand. There is loads of advice and help on tap to help create your new room. Most of all, we listen to what you want first.

Smart Choice Carpet Collection – Choice

Dalkard &Elliott’s curtain collection is just as inspiring as their carpet collections. For carpets, flooring, made to measure curtains and beds Leicester has maybe the best in Dalkard & Elliott.

I mentioned other finishes in carpet a little earlier and it would be good to consider those right at the start of your carpet thoughts. Back in the 70’s there was a huge volume of ‘shag pile’ carpet sold. Lots of purple and autumnal gold colours were the rage! Raking them was part of the weekly cleaning routine.

Smart Choice Carpet Collection - shag pile carpet

There is a new trend in softness and Saxony finishes are they are a massive seller. They are gorgeously soft to the touch and to walk on. Saxony styles show every foot mark and hoover mark. This effect is like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it!

If you love it and you have children, they will love you for ever! They will spend as much time on the floor as on the settee!

Plain loop pile carpets offer texture which appeals to many. There will not be a hoover or foot mark to see and they offer a room a quite different look if they appeal to your eye.

Leicester carpet & flooring

Whatever your choice of carpet, Leicester’s Dalkard & Elliott have the best and widest selection to comb through. Carpeting by Smart Choice is an amazing range, but it is not the only one. Every major manufacturer is there under one roof.

Great manufacturers like Brockways, Brinton, Westex, Bronte, Ulster, Abingdon, Moduleo, Jacaranda, Crucial Trading and many more.

Plenty of help, high quality service and advice is always given, with a free smile too!

Call in and see.

Thanks for reading,
Dalkard & Elliott

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