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Stair Carpets – Should it be Stripes or Tartans??

A question often asked by many who are looking to change their hallway, stair and landing carpeting.

Stripes have always been popular!

Since the introduction of classic ranges like Mississippi from Crucial Trading some 20 plus years ago.

Tartan designs have been around for as long as carpet has been made and look just as timeless

The difference now is that the major carpet manufacturers like Ulster carpets, Brintons, Whitestone Weavers, Adams, Brockway have worked really hard to create collections of carpet that are absolutely relevant to today’s market. Colours are in vogue with all the latest fabrics from Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Scion, Sandersons, James Hare, Romo, Linwood, PT, in fact with all the main curtain fabric manufacturers.

Having made to measure curtains and blinds created to finish off your new decorating and furnishing schemes is now more fun to do than ever.

Stair Carpets

Stair Carpets leicester

fancy a little more colour?

‘Greige’ carpet colours are still number one best-selling carpet colours in most ranges of flooring.

You will see that clearly in most carpet ranges and displays. However, there are very lovely shades of colour too in stripes and tartan designs.

If you would like some inspiration for something different, Dalkard and Elliott offer a carpet range of bespoke tartan and stripe designs. They can be coloured to suit your desires exactly.

The process from start to finish is normally 6-8 weeks. You first pick the design (or have one created especially for you!), and then select the colours you would like. A print of the design and colours is created first for you to see.

You will receive a small hand trial, which is created for you to handle and approve.


Maybe a plain carpet may be more your thing.

Please call in and look at the best choice of carpet in Leicester.

Every major manufacturer has samples on display and in Dalkard & Elliott carpets showroom, you have the room to stand back and see clearly the best of the choices for you.

Carpets made in wool and wool/nylon mixes are, as always, incredibly popular.

However, the qualities vary and you will need help and advice in deciding which one is the best for you. Speak to Steve, Stuart, Tim or Amanda, for great advice, with a smile, every time.

Plain stair carpets, made in man-made fibres are also very popular. Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, achieve almost 45% of their sales in man-made fibre.

Polypropylene, being the most used man-made carpet fibre.

The carpet colours are lovely. You will find a wider choice of carpet colour available in the wool and wool mix carpets, compared to the man-made fibre ones.

This is because the man-made carpets follow the trends more. They will always have the newest tones of colour in them and the carpet manufacturers quickly discontinue shades which no longer sell in volume.

Wool carpets however, are generally bought in qualities which will outlast the man-made fibre carpets. Because of that, the older colours that work well with traditional fabrics, will be easily found.

Tartan carpets

Tartan carpets have been around for as long as carpets and rugs have been made!

There is choice of tartan carpets are made in Axminster and Wilton woven carpet.

Tartans and checks are available in designs and colours which work fantastically well on hall, stairs and landings.

There are some tartans which are made in designs which are a little too large for most stairs. Please ask if you are not sure, which one is right for you.

Planning the fitting of the carpet is very important when you are having a tartan carpet. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets have huge experience in making sure that the planning and fitting is spot on.

Underlay is important and making sure that you get the right quality and feel from the underlay is made easy by Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet experts.


There is a wider choice of colour and style in striped carpets, than in Tartan patterns. You will be amazed at the quality of choice and price.

The narrower stripes tend to look better on most staircases, but there are some broader ones which can look very grand, in the right setting.

Every colour you can imagine is done. So, you have from the most delicate colours and designs to select from to the most colourful and bright!!

Fitting and planning is important, so let Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester make sure that you will be delighted by the result.

Door trims

Finishing touches to your room can include the door trims too. Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, have some lovely ideas for you to look at and to consider.

However, even the little details, like door trims, make a difference, using them helps to make your stairs a superb feature in your home.

Reasons to buy at Dalkard & Elliott Carpets Leicester

Great reputation built over 50 years of business

Brilliant employees and staff

Huge Knowledge and experience

Fantasic product

A great and respected family business

Award winning service

Food for thought??

So, whatever your wants and needs are please ring or call into the shop, Dalkard & Elliott will not disappoint.

Dalkard & Elliott

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