Tips for a good nights sleep

Tips for a good nights sleep

Number One:

Try taking a bath for 20 minutes each night. The hot water will help to ease the tiredness of the day and it also raises your temperature, which makes you feel more sleepy.

Number Two:

Place your phone, tablets and laptops out of the way for at least one hour before you retire to bed. Doing this regularly, will aid a deeper nights rest

Number Three

To help put down your digital world, pick up a good book and read for as little as half an hour each night. It will help.

Number Four

Listen to your favourite music as an alternative to reading. For the same amount of time, chill out. An adult version of a lullaby.

Number Five

A good bedtime routine will always be of benefit to you. Please try one of these tips each night, for a month. You will see some changes and once they become a habit, you will be looking forward to waking up, refreshed!

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