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Looking to buy your new vinyl flooring online, but want to buy locally?

Dalkard & Elliott Vinyl Flooring Leicester, have the answer.

Our full vinyl fitting service

On all our LVT flooring, Moduleo, Project, Finesse and Natural Solutions, we offer a full fitting service and survey.

Internet prices on vinyl flooring, when supplied only

We also make sure that you are able to buy directly from us at internet prices. So, if you are fitting it yourselves and are in need of having the flooring and accessories supplied only, give us a call with your requirements.

Great News

Vinyl flooring in Leicester, just got better again!

New ranges are introduced each year, into the vinyl flooring collections.

Keeping up with the trends, has always been a top priority in vinyl floors and the new vinyl flooring designs, reflect exactly, what has happened over the last few months.

Dalkard & Elliott vinyl flooring selection, now has a real edge against it’s competitors.


A collection of 6 new ranges, with brand new designs and colours is now proudly displayed.

Dalkard & Elliott’s showrooms are greatly admired and these new additions, into their vinyl flooring range, puts them at the very top of your ‘where to shop’ list.

The most popular style in vinyl flooring, are wood effects.

These are very closely followed by stone and tiles effect vinyls.


The grey colouring’s are extremely popular, as are the stone and grey/whites.

Vinyl flooring is very practical. In the right quality, they will last you very well.

There are of course many different qualities, one of which will be perfect for you.

Help and advice

As ever, to make sure that you get the right quality of product, Dalkard & Elliott Leicester, will give you every bot of advice and help.

They will help you to select the right vinyl for your flooring and they will make sure that you have a vinyl floor, which meets your expectations.

For great advice and help, call and see us.


Every bit of Vinyl flooring at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester comes in a great range of style and product. LVT Flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is incredibly tough and a good looking floor. There is also sheet vinyl flooring in wood planked or ceramic tiled versions as well.

All Vinyl flooring has improved vastly over the last few years. As a result, the choice is amazing, and our customers find it easy to select the right flooring for them.

The best and most hard-wearing of vinyl flooring is known as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). This flooring is available in planks that create fantastic wood effects and in also in tiles. The tiles represent the different ceramic looks you can have. However, without the coldness!

Vinyl Flooring Qualities

LVT Vinyl FlooringThere are different qualities available in LVT Vinyl flooring.Qualities suitable for your bathroom, or, for the most hardwearing areas you can think of.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester are premier retailers for Moduleo and Project floorings. These two manufacturers of LVT flooring are highly regarded. Proven because both are leaders in the market place for their products.

LVT flooring requires good preparation of the sub-floor. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s full survey will in addition, make sure that all the necessary work is done. However, if you fancy fitting the flooring yourself, D&E will also make sure that you can buy the product at great supply only costs.


The average fitted costs, including the preparation of the sub-floor is between £65 and £90 m2. Cost varies depending on the quality and the detail within the style that you pick.


Fitting is carried out by fully qualified and expert fitters.


At Dalkard & Elliott Leicester we use a water based screed to prepare a concrete sub-floor. It is the very best preparation to use, setting in a beautifully smooth finish.

Floorboards are smoothed using ply-wood.

HT Adhesive (High Temperature Adhesive) is used to make sure that there are no complications in warmer areas, like conservatories. It also allows the flooring is also easily maintainable.

An LVT flooring is a considered purchase and one which will last very well for many years to come.

Vinyl Leicester Sheet Flooring:

Vinyl Sheet flooring is termed as ‘soft vinyl’. Soft Vinyl flooring serves well in any area. However, without the extra toughness of an LVT.

Styles and Prices

The same effects can be seen in a huge product range. When a sub-floor requires no preparation, the average fitted costs is between £ 22.00 and £ 32.00m2.

There are great supply only costs if you can fit this flooring yourself.

The main difference between Vinyl sheet flooring and LVT flooring is the toughness and durability that an LVT flooring offers. Therefore, if you are after a trouble-free flooring to last for many years, an LVT flooring will do exactly that. With a little more care in how a room is used, a Vinyl sheet flooring is also very successful.

Part of the consideration must be the budget you want to allow for the area to fit. To get a clear idea of how much the cost is likely to be, roughly measure the area that you have. With enough detail of your room, Dalkard & Elliott will be able to work out the different costs for you. This will also make sure that you get the very best quality for your money.

Unsure how to measure? Please contact the shop and Steve, Tim, Stuart, Mike or Amanda will be very pleased to help and guide.

So have a chat with Dalkard & Elliott Leicester and they will give you great advice and service. You will also be guided to the right choice for you, by experts.

If it is a vinyl floor, carpet, bed, curtain or a window blind that you need, Dalkard & Elliott are full of help and advice. The choice is inspiring, and service is always given with a smile.

Vinyl Flooring Leicester

Call into the shop or ring to find out! Steve, Tim, Amanda, Stuart, Mike and Neil will be very pleased to see you.

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