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lvt moduleo Vinyl Flooring

Fantastic wood effects and so practical to live with


Dalkard & Elliott vinyl flooring is available at great internet prices, if you want to fit the vinyl flooring yourself.

We offer a full fitting and survey service, with every product. However, we are aware that many of you, like to fit vinyl flooring yourselves.

If you like to vinyl floors, ring and ask us for our best internet price on any Moduleo, Project, Natural Solutions and Finesse Vinyl, LVT flooring.

The UK has had a major uplift in the amount of hard flooring being fitted. Vinyl floors have been by far the most successful in terms of volume.

Vinyl flooring comes in fantastic designs and colours. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT’s) are at the high quality end of these products. Sheet vinyl (soft plastics) is available in products priced fro £9m2 to £35m2.

Luxury vinyl tiles

are priced from £19.99m2 up to £ 60.00m2 and are really tough and hard-wearing floorings.

Luxury vinyl tiles are made of hard plastics. The price point of the flooring you like, will vary according to the quality of the product and also the wear layer.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester have the best of the choices of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) available between £ 19.99 m2 uptoi £ 60 m2.

Moduleo flooring, Project Floors and Natural Solutions have great collections, which are well displayed In Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s showroom.

Project LVT Flooring has a nice entry level product which is great for the most lightly used areas in your home.  In addition, they also have 2 brilliant  qualities which will take care of every one of your needs. One of which, is very suitable for contract use.

Moduleo LVT’s have 4 ranges, perfect for any home installation. Just like Project’s contract quality, Moduleo have their contract quality within their own collection of LVT.

Natural Solutions have 2 grades, very suitable for any domestic situation.

Oak coloured LVT vinyl flooring, is by a long way, the best selling colour. It is so popular because it is such an easy colour to work with.

Oak colours do vary, just as a real wood floor will.  Luxury Vinyl Tiles give you the luxury looks of a wooden flooring, but with a huge amount of added practically.

Waterproof, easy to clean and far less easily damaged than wood, LVT’s have found there place within the Uk’s flooring market, very well.


Fitting these floorings is exacting and needs to be done by a competent fitter. Dalkard & Elliott’s fitters are trained to the highest degree, to make sure that you will delighted with your new floor.

The price £m2 will vary a little, depending on the area you have to fit and on the type of design that you pick.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s will make an appointment with you at home, to make sure that you are aware of all the options and that you make the right choice for you and your home.

Floor preparation

Sub-floor preparation is an incredibly important part of the installation. Concrete sub-floors must be skimmed smooth and wooden floors ply-boarded, to achieve the right finish.

Dalkard & Elliott, will call out to complete a survey, which includes testing the sub-floor for any levels of moisture, levelness and suitability.


Lvt flooring is available in ‘click versions’ which do not require bonding to the sub-floor. However, Dalkard & Elliott Leicester, recommend that every installation is completed in a ‘dry back’ tile or plank. Which is fully adhered to the sub-floor.


Looking after an LVT flooring, whether it is Moduleo’s, project or Natural Solutions, is easy.

If you would like to use a cleaner that is recommended by all manufacturers, Dalkard & Elliott Leicester suggest that you use Dr. Schultz.

White vinegar in  warm water works a treat too!


There are 15 and 20 year guarantees on LVT flooring. Dalkard & Elliott also fully guarantee all the fitting and sub-floor preparation, so that you have a trouble free flooring made to last.

Vinyl floors

All  vinyl flooring gives a very practical flooring and vinyl is very cleanable. However, practical does not have to mean unattractive in anyway!

Both the vinyl sheet flooring and the tiled LVT’s vinyl floorings have great colours and styles available. In fact you are very spoiled for choice!

From plain finishes, to tiled effects and all the way to the most rustic looking wood effects. Therefore, you are guaranteed to be able to find the right style for you.

Leicester has the very best specialist in vinyl flooring in Dalkard & Elliott.

The fitting of vinyl flooring, whether sheet or plank is very exacting.

The great thing at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is that they have totally professional and caring fitters. In addition, there are staff who will help you to create a beautiful and stunning room with your new vinyl floor.

Vinyl flooring needs a very smooth sub-floor to be fitted to. Dalkard & Elliott’s fitters will prepare your existing sub-floor in exactly the right way, with exactly the right products. Once this is done your new vinyl floor will have the very best finish to sit on.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the biggest growth area in vinyl flooring.

Top manufacturers have searched out Dalkard & Elliott to provide and fit their floors to the public. Moduleo are a great manufacturer of LVT vinyl flooring. Their reputation as the leading light in this type of vinyl floor is being hard fought for by themselves Project flooring and Natural Solutions.

What’s more, all of them are premier vinyl flooring manufacturers and they specialise in the tiled and planked versions of these floors.

So, the reason why they picked Dalkard & Elliott Leicester to be their main dealers for these vinyl floors, is because of Dalkard & Elliott’s reputation for service, expertise and advice.

Established in 1963 Dalkard & Elliott Leicester have been the most successful family flooring and curtain business in the Leicestershire area.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

The look that you want but with softness and warmth

Furthermore, in the shop you will find great, enthusiastic advice and knowledge too with well over two hundred years of combined experience.

Vinyl flooring is a speciality at Dalkard & Elliott and this expertise sits very well along side of the expertise in carpets and of course a brilliant and dedicated made to measure curtain and blind service too.

If you need help in deciding upon your new flooring and in matching new fabrics into your scheme please ask. Your vinyl flooring should be chosen to reflect a rooms style and feel. Plus it must suit your lifestyle and what pleases your eye the most.

Vinyl Flooring, Leicester – Dalkard & Elliott

Dalkard & Elliott will always listen and they will make sure that they understand what you need and want to achieve.

Steve Elliott strongly believes that armed with that knowledge he, Stuart, Tim or Amanda will be able to give you, it will assist you in making an informed choice.

Your expectations will be met and great pleasure can then be attained from your purchase.

Customer satisfaction and job satisfaction goes hand in glove at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester.

Back in 1963 when Steve’s parents started Dalkard & Elliott they embarked upon a mission to create a great business and one priding itself in service and in making a difference.

The success can be felt when you walk into the showrooms which are right on the borders of Oadby, Knighton, Wigston, Glen Parva, Countesthorpe and are easily found from all parts of Leicester and Leicestershire as they are within 5-10 minutes drive of Leicestershire’s Fosse Park shopping centre.

Well worth a visit at any time for carpets, curtains and of course vinyl flooring too!!

Dalkard & Elliott

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